How YOU are funding the Chandigarh Police


DID YOU KNOW that from January 2015 to 30th November ,2015 , the Number of Challans issued by the Chandigarh Police has touched 2.8lakh . Yes 281,191 Challans were issued in the city during this time period . That is about 800 Challans per day !

ALSO the revenue generated by these Challans alone  is Rupees 10,20,49,422 . Yes , 10 bloody CRORE ! And this only is the amount that is on the papers .

With an increase in the traffic through out the city , the Chandigarh Traffic Police is now more vigilant than ever . And they are doing a commendable job . There are regular checking and Nakkas at various points in the city all day . They also set up special Nakkas on weekends to check for drunken driving.

And this is actually really required . With an increase in the number of cars and two wheelers on the roads, the roads of the city have become very unsafe . The number of road mishaps this year till 30th November is an astounding 354 .A total of103 people have lost their lives and almost 300 people severely injured in these accidents . That averages at about 1 Accident a day and 1 death every 3 days !  Let this sink in .

The maximum number of Challans were for Wrong Turns and Red Light Jumping .The number of Challans for various reasons were as follows :


People driving two wheelers are in the maximum danger in road accidents yet it’s people on two wheelers that are responsible for the maximum number of offences . More than thirty thousand people were fined for driving without helmets , that is about a 100 people everyday .

Why do we have this general disregard for our own safety ? Everyday the newspapers contain fresh stories of road accidents . So many young people lose their lives for seconds of ‘thrill’. So many innocent people are killed because of someone else’s carelessness . Yet we fail to comply with simple traffic norms . 

Now ask your self one question. Have you ever been stopped by the Traffic Police when you were not at fault ? We come up with all sorts of creative excuses and justifications when we get pulled over , but all of us know that 99% of the times the fault is ours . We call them Predators, Hunters and what not , but they are just doing their job . It’s we who give them the opportunity to ‘prey’ on us . We break the rules , they don’t makes us break the rules .If you think of it , that 10 Crore has come from our carelessness ,The police didn’t have to do much , we literally served it to them in a platter , like a Gift .

So Congratulations to the Chandigarh Traffic Police for doing such a wonderful Job and we hope you enjoy the gift .

And Dear Beautiful people of the City Beautiful , stop being such easy targets ! 

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