How to deal with not getting into college of your choice?


“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” ~Dalai Lama

No, it wasn’t fair and of course you didn’t deserve it. But hey, take a look around and take a deep breath. This place you are in is your place for the next 3 to 4 years and it is going to bring so much with it. Be disappointed, yes. Cry a little to yourself, yes. But comrade, there is no time to crib in here now. It’s time to dust yourself off and work harder than ever, better than ever because you didn’t even realize until now how lucky you are.


  1. Colleges do not make students, students make colleges.


In a college that has no extracurricular or interesting activities? Brilliant! You have a great deal of unlocked opportunities in front of you now, all thanks to your college. Put your college on the map. You might have to work harder than ever but what do you want to be remembered as? Someone who put a college on the map or as someone whom college put on the map?


  1. When you don’t meet your expectations, you work HARDER than ever.


Motivation is a sneaky thing; it mostly arrives when you are at your lowest. Convert this motivation into action, do your best at the place you are in. Remember one thing always, to move forward everyone needs a setback and you are extremely lucky you got one so early.


  1. Be the Big Fish in your small pond.


Go out there and give your morale a boost! You are one of the most brilliant and enthusiastic people in your college. Believe that and take up every opportunity that comes to your way. Even if nothing comes, go beyond the conventional means and try to achieve it. You couldn’t be the small fish in the big pond, so NOW it’s time for you to be a big fish in the small pond.


  1. Join classes regarding something you love doing.


Expand your skill set or just do it to feel better, but do join some classes. At the end of the day, it’s never about which college you went to but about how much knowledge you have and how inquisitive and curious you are as a person. Push your limitations and join something that will challenge you every single day!


  1. Having fun is the most important part of college life.


The most fun we all have is during our college years! It’s an amazing journey that transforms you. Don’t let our disappointment serve as an excuse for you not having enough fun. Go out there, make friends, find people who think like you and make the most of what you have. That’s the law of the land, isn’t it

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