How Technology Has Dwindled Creativity?


What if you were supposed to scribe some material on this topic, what would be the first thing that you would do? Off course it would be ‘asking Google’. ‘Google it’, it has become a mental reflex coded into our brain. That every time a query strikes our mind, or any task which demands thinking, the brain instead of working on it just habitually replies back with ‘Go Google it’.

Drawing the ‘sword of internet’ for everything is just like cutting a shoelace instead of simply untying it. Both serve the purpose. However, one lace is left short and the other is ready to be used again. The situation metaphorically mirrors the present day, where technology is the scissor and creativity being the lace, getting shorter and shorter with every cut of technology. We, the present generation is so besieged with technology that we have left no place for generic humane activities.

Day dreaming and thinking is lost, we simply don’t imagine anymore, and that is why nothing new clicks our mind. Brain isn’t supposed to work like this, but the robust amount of technological advancements have forcefully captivated brain’s creativity and turned us into coded machines. Technology has also wrecked the emotional structure of our mind. Every day it is assaulted with a whooping pile of information, which has left no breathing space for imagination. Gone are the days when youngsters had their own village of originality and thrill to explore new ideas; times when they challenged knowledge, and had the power to bring something original in the world; times when everyone was a philosopher, when people used to think instead of processing. That was the power of creativity, which is left on the edge today. It won’t be inaccurate to state that men till the 1900s were way more developed than the 21st century.

Technology is innovation churned out of creativity, and we are churning creativity out of technology, not from our mind. Simply put, we don’t find the need to think anymore, we already have everything we require. And that is the exact reason why the present day civilization is going down the charts. However, we are equally responsible for the annihilation of creativity, as we are not using tech the way we were supposed to.

Instead of taking assistance, we have straightway shifted the whole burden onto it. Albert Einstein feared the day when technology would surpass the human interaction, that day is just around the corner, but luckily we still have enough time to rectify it, before it exceeds humanity and leaves the world full of idiots.

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Jaskaran Singh Mudan (GCCBA 50)

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