How fierce is the ANGER of INDIAN GODDESSES?


“What holds them back, is what will set them free.”

And that does stands true! For nothing has held the director Pan Nalin back, as he focuses on seven ANGRY INDIAN GODDESSES, with each one battling her own demons in this 2015 Hindi Drama Film. Being billed as India’s first all-out female buddy film, this is India’s very own “Sex and the City” minus the sex, well hello Indian censor board !

Ever wondered, what do women talk about when they do? Actually, everything under the sun! And especially when they are in sunny Goa for their best friend’s wedding. Blink, here you reaches the point.

There’s nothing ‘Angry’, to start with about this bunch of young women who gets together to reminisce, giggle and celebrate. The conversation flows between the old pals – fashion photographer and bride-to-be, corporate slave-cum-single-mom, a struggling singer going through a dry patch, trying-very-hard-for-a-break actress, the unhappily married high class socialite, a feisty activist and the host’s maid.

The opening credits are a brilliant start for a film celebrating womanhood and friendship. The lives of these seven women fighting against misogyny in their different worlds, the prelude sets the pace for what’s in store for the audience — women fighting gender inequality through the various walks of their lives. But what also follows is a fun-filled ride that most women can identify with (especially all the MCMites) having fun with old friends, teasing and complaining about one and another, and at times, slipping into the depressive reality of our personal battles.

They are all easy on the eye, but they don’t let that get in the way of expressing a sense of individualism, and what they want: whether it is drooling over a hot male neighbor or dreaming about getting it on.

A nicely done gay thread is in here too. There’s awareness between the two women in love, but nothing exaggerated, or in your face. It is wonderful to see young women being themselves, and a film which is prepared to let them have their heads.

Amidst this, where the film goes off track is when it gets into heavier territory. When a jeering policeman shows up due to the crime, making cracks about women roaming about alone at night, wearing these clothes, etc etc etc(it is Goa, dum dum). The women turn into the ‘angry Indians’ of the title, and the film drops down the hill. Laughing companionably is one thing; turning into raging revolutionists is totally another. Or was the sudden change in tone meant to be a strong feminist statement? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Overall, I’ll give it a 4 out of 5. Go into the theater with an open mind and you are sure to enjoy the film!

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Pratibha Nehra (MCM College 36)

Pratibha Nehra (MCM College 36)

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