Housefull 3: ‘3’ Times the Torture


It is said that third-degree-torture is against a person’s ‘Right to Life and Liberty’, but then how is it, that ‘Housefull 3′ got approved? Ironically, this 2-hour plus journey is totally ’empty’, while it has ‘full’ in the name itself.

All about Housefull 3:

The three ladies, Ganga “Gracy” Patel (Jacqueline Fernandes), Jamuna “Jenny” Patel (Lisa Hydon) and Saraswati “Sarah” Patel (Nargis Fakri) are the daughters of Urja Bhai (Jackie Shroff), a very popular and rich Mumbai-based goon and are left under the care of his right hand, Batook Patel (Boman Irani). While Batook is secretly disloyal and wants to get the ladies married to his sons, so that he gets all the property, the three charmers fall in love with Sandy (Akshay Kumar), Teddy (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Bunty (Abhisek Bachan), all playing a role of an actor. Pretending to have fallen in love with the ladies, these three actors are fooling them and are again after the lush wealth.

All this is followed by a series of stupid events, where everything gets super messed up and then right again. (as if we didn’t expect that already!)


The Yaays:

  • The Outfits! There is definitely no denying that all the actresses, the actors and the villains are very wonderfully dressed. We can definitely see some hard work put in, in the fashion department. The sad part, however is that, it is the only point where some hard-work can be seen. (Pheww)

The Naays

  • The pathetic jokes, which barely even qualify as one.
  • The mindlessly-lame storyline.
  • The fact that the actresses say everything in chorus and in bad broken Hindi.
  • Abhishek Bachan being a rapper


Seriously, how bad can things get!

Our Verdict

If it isn’t clear already, then maybe, it would be now.

“Housefull 3 is ’empty’, irony being that it is called ‘full’.”


In fact we actually wonder why would anyone spend so much money on making a movie like this, or now, on watching it. The movie is so lame, that you can walk out anytime and feel no regret, even within the first 10 minutes.
A lot of effort has been put to make it ‘funny’, but then again, isn’t humour supposed to be effortless? We believe that the Housefull series should have been stopped after the first one. Definitely right about then.
We suggest that you don’t watch it, unless you are hopelessly free. Well, maybe don’t watch it even then.



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