Honest movie reviews : What 1920 London taught us

  1. Never accept free jewellery, no matter how pretty!

Diamonds are not a girl’s best friend, infact any piece of jewellery can make her equally happy. So no wonder if some royal looking heirloom is gifted to one, with a nicely quoted letter, nothing would seem suspicious at all. Right?  All that matters is the pretty piece of jewellery. Even in their doom they wear the jewels with pride, and keep on wondering how the mighty have fallen.

  1. If you are possessed. some bruises, and you will survive. Probably your friends might end up dead.

Well since Indian ghosts have a psychology of their own, they will never kill you right away. Maybe they have a 5 level torture system. Level one, make ghostly noises and walk around at night. Level two, be an architect and move around furniture. Level three, possess and almost paralyze the victim. Level four, in a moment of weakness tell the priest or exorcist how to get rid of the ghost. Level five, on a full moon night go on a killing spree. So,  the victim (generally the heroine) is the safest. And hero strikes at last. It is the people around who try to help and end up dead.

  1. Ghosts and evil spirits will be awesome yoga instructors. 

Ghosts are scary, super scary because of their healthy styles of possession.  They hate a grim atmosphere so keep on laughing , mimicking others throughout. Music is relaxing right? That’s why they keep on playing it even when protagonist tries to turn it off. The possessed victim, becomes a yoga expert with twisting and turning of their limbs into possibly new asanas. What more could one ask for? Dietary supplements, well ghosts keep that section covered as well, they make sure victim eats super fresh and healthy, maybe a cat…

  1. Always keep some ‘ganga jal’  handy. Just in case you bump into a (you know what).

Scared much? Paranoid ? Well, all can have the ultimate protection  from the evils of other world. All you need is some holy water. As heroes say ” yeh mere hath me ganga jal hai, tuj par tezab”… so a few drops of it in a cute glass container. The evil ones will never be able to break the bottle,  oh! But if they do.. well lets leave that to your imagination.

  1. 3 a.m.is officially ghost hour. So if you hear or see anything. You’re in trouble.

Midnight, big clock ticking and empty hallways this is the only time when spirits can attack you. Gaining their strengths with every passing minute and at this hour if you hear some chuckle or someone slips under the covers with you… well that’s the time you run for the hills. But for the one to be possessed the ghost will either seek to unite with an old lover’s soul or fulfilling some old enmity, they would simply make no one suffer if you are ready to give your soul to them.

  1. Love makes an ordinary failure in life a ghost hunter.

Love is the strongest bond of all, so if you are deeply in love with someone know that in time of need the guy is going to eventually save the girl and get rid of the evils for good. A guy who could not tolerate a paper cut, fights a dark shadow and is thrown from first floors and stabbed with broken glasses and knives and still survives without a cardiac arrest or hemorrhage.


Happily ever after story, maybe.

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