Homebound Rocks the City With Melodious Music


Aaoge tum kabhi,
Meri jaan keh rahi,
Gaayega ye sama,
Gaayegi ye zamin…

As the lead singer of The Local Train band, Raman Negi sang this melody; the whole Back Room Garden resonated with music. Not only people were humming but also the leaves and wind were singing along. The purpose of Homebound Music Festival was fulfilled as a new music culture was established in Chandigarh, on November 25th, 2016.

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

The festival began at 6:30 in the evening with some contemporary and romantic music by Saby Singh. Singh is a musician from Kashmir, trained in Hindustani Shastriya Sangeet. The singer/songwriter/guitarist displayed a contemporary and modish approach towards music. Very humble yet extremely talented, he performed his numbers and set a pleasant mood for the festival.

The next performance of the evening was by Prateek Kuhad and his indie, soulful and simple music. Kuhad’s lightness in voice, beautiful narrative in lyrics caught the attention of the audience. Pia Bakshi, a teacher in Ashoka University, told PU Mirror how much she enjoyed Prateek’s performance.

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

After Prateek Kuhad, the next to mount the stage was, Pink Flyod of India, ‘Parvaaz’. Parvaaz is a Bangalore-based rock band. Poignant and moving vocals of Khalid Ahamed and Kashif Iqbal along with D’souza’s bass and Sachin Banandur’s drums; the band delivered eclectic and catholic harmony at Backroom gardens.

Last but not the least, The Local Train rocked the night with their amazing and beautiful compositions. The Local Train was formed in Tricity in 2008 and since then it is giving us phenomenal music and a thousand reasons to love the band even more. Raman Negi’s gifted voice and his flair for music was quite evident at yesterday’s festival.

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

Photo-Credit: Varesh Choudhary (SD College 32)

The audience had the time of their lives as they danced and sang the whole evening on such refreshing and lovely music. There were food stalls from Super Donuts, the backroom 100 Piper and an open bar serving alcohol to only 25 above.

Mrinal Sippy, student of CGC said, “I was waiting for these artists since a long time. I am thankful to Homebound Music Festival for bringing these musicians to Chandigarh. I am myself a singer and I have a deep thirst for music, which was quenched today. I also got a chance to meet Parvaaz’s band members; today is such a happy day of my life.”

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