There is a four letter word that embodies magic, faith, joy, love, laughs, sighs, dreams, hopes and life.
It is where the heart is blithe; it’s where the mind is serene; it’s where you belong; it’s what makes you YOU.
It’s a feeling that heartens you and never relinquishes your soul.
It’s your HOME.
It could be the old bricked wall you merrily painted with crayons of blue green red when you began your journey of discovering the beauty of art for the rest of your life.
It could be the window with agleam turquoise curtains that brought you the first rays of the sun, the halcyon moonlight and the inspiriting pearls dropping from heaven.
It could be the dream enshrined in your heart that gives you an exemplary lucidity of how you want to lead your life and also gives you the impetus to fulfill it wholeheartedly- the one that gives you goose pimples!
It could be the melodious strings of your precious acoustic guitar that sound like your heartbeat and take you into a world of wonderful clairvoyance.
It could be the perfectly fitting denims that you just can’t– literally can’t do without (even though your mother wants to secretly discard them because of the holes, marks and stains that the poor old thing has been bearing since ages).
It could be the first book on the second shelf in the library with the dry but treasured fern placed right between the chapters you have gaily read time and again, receiving a little bit more each time.
It could be the first sip of your strong ambrosial coffee (with exactly half spoon sugar because you like it when it’s perfect and that it must be- always!) that lets your mind insouciantly meet new horizons.
It could be the enthralling elation that you derive from travelling to new places that satiate your wanderlust. (After all, not all those who wander are lost.)
It could be the jar of sweets warmly lying on the side table of your grandparents’ room; that not only casts their soft affectionate incense but also takes you back to the time when your heart was pristine and innocently imbued by beautiful fairy tales.
It could be the two affable arms that hold you tightly with unconditional love and make you see the silver lining amidst the dark clouds when life gets callous.
It could be the mighty mango tree in the backyard of your old house that still bears the same pulpy fruit you savored as a child and in whose shade you inculcated the values of always being attached to your roots, no matter how high you soar.
It could be the beloved golden lined wooden box you hide under the cot in the dingy storeroom that has indubitably safeguarded your secrets till date and has been a true friend (never gets tired of you and of your amaranthine blabbering)
It could be the wide sparkling smile embellished with ardor, content and cheer that welcomes you when you meet a loved one after a long time. (Distance makes the heart grow fonder, isn’t it?)
Next time you feel at home, smile because “There’s no other place like home”.

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About the Poet:

Kalyani Rai Bansal (UILS, PU Campus)


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