Home turned red, let alone the world


So while we tucked ourselves into bed comfortably on Thursday night, Dr Pankaj Narang, a 41 year old dentist in the national capital was lynched to death by around ten men, following a petty argument.

Narang, after the India–Bangladesh match took his son and nephew to play a game of cricket in the open space outside his house. As they were playing, the ball sped onto the adjacent road and his son went to fetch it. While the boy picked up the ball, a motorcycle sped past him, a little too close for safety and angered by this Dr Narang had a scuffle with the drivers.

The issue apparently ended at that but this was not to be, for those two men on the bike returned with ten more men to the doctor’s residence, pulled him out of his house and beat him and his brother-in-law. They hit him so bad that he succumbed to his injuries.

All of us detest the violence by the terrorists that have painted the world red lately. It was Paris yesterday and Brussels today but for a moment, let’s just stop thinking about huge issues like terrorism. Just think about what happened in the streets of Vikaspuri to Dr Pankaj. It is the most abhorrent form of violence that can ever take place.

It is a shame that those men who had the audacity to go and beat up another person over such a trivial issue are a part of our very own nation. The question is that how could they even think of taking matters in their own hands while a sane and sufficient system of justice exists?

This incident which has come to light after the Dadri lynching, along with many other such instances, has to be taken like a wakeup call. There is need for stringent laws to bring to book those who think themselves to be lord almighty and do whatever the hell they want to.

The law needs to let people know that despite all the freedom that one has, you simply cannot do anything and everything. NOBODY has the right to beat up anybody whenever they feel like. If you don’t have a sane mind of your own, kindly follow the rulebook word to word because our nation has no place for people like these who take the law in their own hands. I guess it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine, so let’s go give them a beating.

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