Holi for humans, not for animals


Holy glory t’is the season of ‘colours and water’ or well, how a dog would perceive ‘irritants and poison’.

Homo sapiens, one of the most advanced specie on earth (at least they think so) are so overly considerate that they don’t want any animal to feel left out whilst they have a gala time. Aw, how sweet.

There was a time when holi symbolised use of natural colours and water, tons of happiness, food and random dance parties.

But these days it has more to it. Water crisis are on a rise and so is the scarce use of natural colours.

See, the point is, if you want to damage your skin or the skin of your fellow beings, by all means go ahead. Cover each other up in grease, eggs, artificial colour, mud, and label it ‘Not Clean Holi’ hah. The paradox burns my sarcasm down to ash.

You can even use this beautiful festival as an excuse to hit and harm people, trouble women and Jesus what not. Ah! The perks. No one will bat an eye except the first page of your newspaper, which will draw a graph to depict the staggering changes from last year. Don’t we all just simple adore the green light.

What I fail to comprehend is, that why do we have to involve a specie which has nothing to do with colours in this festival. I know my tone seems harsh and I may come across as someone who loathes Holi, guess what? You are not that wrong. I do dislike the negative attributes or stigma surrounding Holi. What I dig, is this new fad of ‘Vodka Gol Gappas’. Girl what? Hell yes.

Before I drift of, I had some pooches come up to me last night in my dream and they told me the horrors they had to go through during this festival. And I was inspired, to not only write but to also start an andolan. I am sticking to the former for the time being.

I have this feeling that if 5 people read this 3.5 will dislike me already. Let me try appealing to you, Holi is a wonderful festival and definitely one of the most awaited one. For some it’s ‘sukhi Holi’ and for some it’s ‘geeli Holi’ and for the third kind it’s ‘imma cover you up in crap Holi’. Just don’t be the third one.

You and me, we deserve to go crazy during this time but our pets or our neighbour’s pet or our neighbourhood pedigree, they don’t, let them be.

ARTIFICIAL COLOURS irritate the skin of animals causing them to go mad as they itch all over their body. These colours get into their eyes and petty irritation is not the only side effect, hindered eyesight tops the chart.

Dogs and other animals in order to soothe themselves will try licking or biting the body part that irks them. This process of helping themselves out can be fatal as the colours are poisonous and unnatural, ingesting them would create a havoc.

They get infections as toxins are not kind to them, like us.
This time of the year also blesses our neighbourhood with puppies, some frail and some healthy. But if we pay close attention, this time the weather is moody. And this would establish that throwing water on dogs is also not acceptable, as they have a bright chance of falling sick and eventually losing their life. Be compassionate and sensitive.

The mankind doesn’t deserve animals. They are simply too saintly for us. Causing them harm for our own pleasure would label us inhuman for starters and sadist for main-course.

Holi is beautiful, yes it is. It is made of hope and all things happy. This festival is more than just a ritual. Let’s play and enjoy it as a civilized specie who is a result of millions of years of evolution.

HAPPY CRUELTY FREE HOLI. May you be the light and voice for those who don’t match up to us, in ‘our equality chart’.

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Gursahiba Gill (MCm College 36)

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