Infinite heartbeats, smart phone flashes and abound excitement! All of this and even more fan-girling moments were witnessed in MCM DAV College, Chandigarh on 7th September, 2015.

Sooraj Pancholi undoubtedly shined brighter than the sooraj, as the star-cast of the upcoming movie named HERO visited the college for a promotional event. Accompanying this heart-throb was the daughter of actor Sunil Shetty and the leading lady of the film, Athiya Shetty.

The students were so driven by the Bollywood Tadka that they could not resist singing “Main Hoon Hero Tera” to welcome the charming duo at the fullest possible volume and continued doing so, until they heard the voice of Pancholi Junior. Herds of girls went gaga over the hunk and made him shy by howling his name not once but at least half a dozen times. And excuse me, did anyone mention discipline? The energy of the moment was so high that shedding every ounce of discipline, students did not even resist standing on their chairs and shouting the name of the duo out loud.

Oh and that’s not all. The surprisingly big turnout became even bigger when GIRLS PUSHED AND BROKE OPEN THE DOOR TO THE GYMNASIUM HALL AND RUSHED OVER TO MEET THEIR STAR.

After few minutes of the high-energy start, Sooraj and Athiya not only did sing along with the crowd but also moved their feet to the beats of their movie’s song.

What further significantly increased the fervor of the crowd were a few selfie moments with these bollywood charmers. Following this, the duo gave away the prizes of the various competitions organized by the Sociology Department of the college on the very same day.

With the zeal reaching a whole new level, the star-cast requested the students to extend their full support for their movie that is being released on September 11 and finally went leaving everyone in awe.


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