North India’s Grand Supermodel 2017 is all Set to Stir Chandigarh


Fashion has always been hyped, aspired and reveled among North Indian’s and they love the elaborate exhibit of their embellishments. More to it the fleur of panache has its stronghold among the youth here, the conversant clothing and the intrepid assortment of élan enchantment bickering across the runways, setting streets on fire, now that’s more like the one – street couture Carnival.

As fashion lovers, we all know that the libido and the fecund thrive for fashion is always on the hike, but the youth nowadays have to turn every rock just to get a hint of ingress into the fashion industry. But the confidant and wolfing setup barely let the newbies in.

The anorexic routine and hefty workouts pay off, as Le Pionniers and Fashion & Culture TV steps into the fashion arena to crown “North India’s Grand Supermodel 2017”. Le Pionniers has come out strongly to represent the excellence in fashion broadcasting and catering to epitomize the culture as well. From times it has come up with some of the most phenomenal and sensational fashion fiestas, moreover shedding vibrancy into the field of event management, it has been organizing sports leagues, adventure rides, and music gigs as well.

Just like the name speaks for itself, Fashion & Culture TV resonates with the similar ideologies and has stood out as a production house for giving some marvelous fashion shows and feature films.

So, they celebrate the in-house couture cornice, as some prolific fashion lovers come together to be a part of Gala, including North Country Mall, Burn Gym, My FM Chandigarh, Carnival Cinemas, Arena Animations 17, Glimpse Magazine, Tress Lounge, Scarlet by Shruti Jamaal, Omika Creations, Supria Arora Makeovers, Polish Nail Spa, Amorise, PU Mirror, Pixels Club, Uber, The Flower Bee, Super Donuts, Shoutlo, Raj Photography, Dream Focus Media Solutions, Strobury, Melange Courtriers, Suryawanshi Production & Studio, In Any Events, One Look Productions.

The show not only calls forth the youth to travel the ramps but to empower your panache pool and be the part of this cutting edge model hunt, to conjure, compare and converse the fashion games.

Flaunt the Panache and stomp gallantly across the gala, here it is, your wrangling opportunity to be the North India’s Grand Supermodel 2017, the event powered by “” and “Institute of Creative Excellence”. To register yourself, mail your profile at, or connect with them @ +91 987-8787-269.




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