Hearing the “अनHEARD” in Panjab University


‘अनHEARD’, a story telling session was organized by Legal Aid Clinic, University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University at the student center in the varsity on September 25, 2017. Participants were given a chance to bring out various social and legal issues in the society in the form of stories. Abstracts were invited from student fraternity as a whole.

Students from University Institute of Legal Studies, University Business School, Department of Physics, Department Of English, Department of Computer Science and Applications and Department of Laws, Panjab University enthusiastically participated in the event. The outreach of the event extended to Delhi University and Priya Sharma from the Department of Sociology, Delhi University shared her views on the upbringing of a female not just by the family but by the society as a whole. The event ‘अनHEARD’ threw light on topics like women empowerment, mob lynching, religious and caste divide, terrorism, prostitution and last but not the least constructive role of media in developing a rationale democracy. The most elusive attribute of this event was that the youth of the society put forth their views on some of the most controversial and sensitive topics and the same were graciously accepted by the audience.

The purpose of creating social and legal awareness by making the ‘अनHEARD’ heard to the society at large was served with a great success.

About the Author/Photographer:

Kiran Kumar (UILS, PU Campus)



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