“HCP (History Culture Punjab)” Compulsion or Enforcement?



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Studying at such a well acclaimed university like Panjab Univesity is a matter of pride for students. They get an opportunity to experience the rich culture and tradition that the university is famous for.
But there are certain rules which have caused a certain degree of irritation amongst students who have studied or are studying from PU. One such rule states that every student has to take either  HCP(History & Culture of Punjab) or Punjabi as a compulsory subject. And if the student has studied Punjabi till class 10, he or she does not have a choice, the student will HAVE to take Punjabi. And since Punjabi is compulsory in all schools in Punjab till class 10, students who have studied in Punjab don’t really have a choice.

There are many reasons why this rule is unfair. First, PU is not even located in Punjab. It is located in Chandigarh, which is a union territory. Haryana has as much as a claim over it as Punjab. How then can one force Punjabi or the history and culture of Punjab on students of a university which is not even located in Punjab. Second, Many students do not want to study the subject either, but given no choice, they have to prepare a subject in which they have no interest. Third, students who have studied from Punjab have to take Punjabi as a subject, the syllabus of which is extensive and exhausting.

If the University really wants to infuse culture and knowledge into the students, it should make compulsory the history and culture of India, since PU is a university in which students from all over the country and abroad come to study. This is a rule no one talks about or objects to even though most students do not like it. While it is a good thing to learn a language or to learn about culture, it is a different thing altogether to force it upon students. Students must have the freedom of choice.
The rigidity of the system doesn’t allow a child to innovate and explore. Respect cannot be demanded, bought or sold. Same goes with the culture of any society as well which cannot be imposed on anyone, especially in a secular country as ours!


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