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Kokomo is a Cute Little Bakery at the Old Coal Depot , Sector 10 . If you have ever been to that part of the Sector ( To Casa Bella Vista or Bombay Chopsticks) , you will know , because this homely , tastefully decorated Bakery isn’t easy to miss .

Run by a professional European Pastry Chef , Kokomo has a wide array of Tarts , Pastries , Breads , Biscuits and Cakes . The products look appealing and taste Delicious.


They serve a kind of Pastry called Cronut which is a combination of croissants and doughnuts. It comes with a chocolate caramel or strawberry filling and tastes great . Also , it’s not available anywhere else in Chandigarh, So .The New York Cheese Cake is mouth watering and a Must Have for all Cheese cake lovers ( and non lovers . It’s amazing) . The Chocolate Caramel And The Stawberry and Cream Eclairs too are very popular with the customers . The Cupcakes are pretty , the Brownies are as chocolaty as they get and the breads are diverse.


They have no seating arrangements and the service is a little slow . The prices are a little towards the higher end but the flavours make up for that . You can also get large sized cakes custom made for all occasions . In all , Kokomo is a perfect place to deal with all your random dessert fixes or for a quick dessert run post dinner.

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