Harmanpreet Kaur– Providing New Vision at CII


“Little girls with dreams become women with vision!”

An apt example who proves the above quote true is Harmanpreet Kaur, Vice Captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket team. Having proved her mettle on the international arena of cricket by her stupendous performance in the Women’s World Cup 2017, she has become a source of inspiration for the women in India. It is because of her that many girls and women have dared to break through the shackles of stereotypical mindset and follow their dreams onto the way of utmost glory.

dsc_0089To share her memories from days of extensive hard work and her cricket journey, Harmanpreet Kaur was in the city to steal away hearts. CII-Yi organized a motivational cum star talk on August 13 at CII Office, Sector 31, Chandigarh whereby Harman addressed an excited crowd of girls from across the tri- city. The event was presided over by Mr. IMJS Sidhu, Vice Chairman, CII Himachal State Council, Mr.Manohar Tegta, Associate Vice President of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd and Mr. Arun Jindal, Director, Chandigarh City Centre.

untitled-design-3To add a tinge of quirkiness to the event, RJ Abhimanyu from BIG 92.7 FM carried forward the event with zest and grace. While addressing the crowd, she shared anecdotes from her early life stating instances from her school life and childhood. She shared about her interest towards cricket from early age and how her family acted as a torchbearer in her path of glory. She discussed on the impressing need on part of Indian families to let their daughters fly high into their own world of accomplishments.

“Women are like clay which can be moulded into any structure. The onus lies on us that how we build our stature but all we need is a bit of support and encouragement”, added Harmanpreet.

dsc_0123She coaxed the crowd to have the spirit to fight till the end against the ordeals, questions and accusations imposed on your choices and decisions. “Success never comes easily and you will not get that on your initial stages. Give some time and let your patience and hard work do wonders”, was the mantra that she gave to all the ladies who consider her as a guiding force. Harmanpreet aims to bring international accolades to the country by her performance in other matches and the next World Cup and strongly believes that there is much room for improvisation in her performance. She strongly advocated the fact that one should keep honing his respective skills as there is no bar to the level of one’s caliber. 

dsc_0102“Never let anyone else decide your course of action, take a stand for yourself , pursue your dreams and make your presence count” was the parting message that she delivered to the women thus gave a ray of hope to all. She also delivered a strong message to the families that they should not halt the flight of their girls as no one knows how remarkable their journey can be.

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