Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture Held by Dept. of History in PU


7th Oct’15: The yearly Hari Ram Gupta Memorial Lecture was held today by the Dept. of History on “The Crisis in Kashmiri Public Opinion: 1947-48.” The main address was delivered by Prof. Raghuvendra Tanwar, who has recently published a paper regarding the same. The lecture saw the presence of a multi departmental audience which was extremely passionate about what was being conveyed.

Prof. Tanwar talked about the strategic reasons responsible for shaping up of the public opinion regarding Kashmir and how this contrasted with the actual picture. He quoted some eminent personalities to support his argument. Touching the core issues of Kashmir, he steered clear of Jammu and Ladakh, which also form a vital part of J&K. He also presented some illustrations by Shankar, a famous cartoonist of his time. This was perhaps the most engaging part of this lecture.

The note of thanks was then presented by Prof. Ashutosh who raised thoughtful questions and gave insightful comments about the accession of Jammu and Kashmir. This was then followed by a detailed discussion with the audience. At the end, the Chairperson of the Dept. of History led the august gathering to a confabulation over tea and snacks. All in all, this lecture was a big leap away from the usual Punjab centric issues that Panjab University habitually engages in.

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