Happiness is being a part of International Yoga Day!


The city of Chandigarh looked like a fortress, with the myriad security personnel placed at different locations on 2nd International Yoga Day, June 21st, 2016. Organised by Chandigarh Administration with the guidance of District Commissioner, the one-month long Yoga Campaign was one successful event that provided opportunities not only to government officials, but also to the young students like us.

I was given the duty of being the volunteer in the event by the members of Navsankalp and when I was allotted the VVIP section Block A4 for my duty, wherein PM Narendra Modi was supposed to do yoga, my happiness knew no bound.

We were on a really hectic schedule since June 19th, which was the first rehearsal day. We used to reach Capitol Complex by 3:30 a.m and then manage our blocks respectively. Finally on June 20th, around 10:30 p.m, Honourable PM Narendra Modi arrived at Chandigarh Technical Airport.

Finally, the day for which all of us had been working hard since one month arrived on June 21st. We reported at 3:30 a.m. at Capitol Complex and rushed towards our allotted blocks. The A4 block had specially disabled children, soldiers, foreigners and media lobbies, all ready to do yoga with the P.M. Every face beamed with excitement, and when Modi Ji addressed the gathering, their enthusiasm was beyond limit. His speech received unstoppable applause and the practice of yoga became the soul connector for whole nation at that very moment.

While practicing yoga, P.M. Modi looked closely and strolled in the block, which made the people lose their balance over asanas. But it was all worth it, as it elated everyone experiencing such a magnum personality so connected with them.

As soon as the event got over, it started raining and all the participants happily started moving towards the exit, keeping their Yoga-Made in India Mats as a memento of being a part of the grand event.

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Divya Rajani (PGGCG-11)

Divya Rajani is a student of BA -III(Eng Hons.) from PGGCG-11. She likes writing, making new friends, and her love for food is endless. She wants to pursue her career as a Public Relations Officer and her future plans are to explore new places and write about them.


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