Hail Old School Romance, Review –Casablanca, 1942


Nothing justifies the statement “Old is gold” better than Casablanca! Counted as one of the most beloved films of America, Casablanca is a captivating wartime adventure of romance, which keeps getting better with time.

Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the lead roles, the story set up during the World War II, is an adaptation from the play ‘Everybody comes to Rick’s’. Though set up in December 1941, Casablanca does not contain any suicide bombings and scenes of explicit torture, keeping the elements of tenderness, exoticism, paranoia and vivacity alive.

However, the dark backdrop makes sure the viewer does not lose out on the aspect of war and despair. Apart from romance and war, Casablanca also delivers political messages with witty twists and turns (watch out for a bottle of ‘Vichy water’ at the end of the movie). The film definitely has a bittersweet emotion, haunting songs, romance and excellent hats! Set up in an era of great moral certainty and war, the American Romantic Drama expresses the richness of details throughout.

The Warner Brothers have managed to muster up a cast of some of the finest actors, a richly detailed screenplay with some notably spectacular dialogues in just a 102 minutes run. The ineffable thing about Ingrid (Ilsa) in the film is her presence! The gleaming sharp look in her eyes, the quality in her voice grips the viewer till the end, leaving absolutely no space for second thoughts about ‘Ilsa’ being her best performance of all times. Speaking of Rick Blaine (played by Humphrey Bogart) , he comes across as a man of integrity, with vulnerability and magnetism in his eyes. If we were to adore Rick and Ilsa, we are also to admire Humphrey and Ingrid.

Another cherry on the cake is, the jazz music heard extensively throughout the film. One of the most famous tracks, still a hit, has to be ‘As time goes by’ by Dooley Wilson, who is also seen in the movie as Sam- the pianist. Other great actors in the movie that populate the world of Casablanca make their presence felt, like the Sydney Greenstreet – the fat sinister man and the nervously twitching Peter Lorre.

Casablanca has a peculiar magic to it; it is a different experience every time, depending on the mood of the viewer. Sometimes it is a tale of sacrifice set up in a world of shadows and boozes while the other times it is a love story that allows its heroes to tap into something special within themselves. The movie delivers all of it embellished with rich screenplay, fine cast and great music. Film romance has never been so great!

Rating :-

stars four

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