What Guys Want for Valentine’s Day? (Single and taken)


One of the most common moan that a girl makes is when she has to decide what to gift a man. This Valentines, we got you covered. This is a guide for all those in a relationship and for those with a potential to be in one (in near future).

1) A Girlfriend

All my single men and boys raise their hands in unison. A very pitiable and funny situation, many guys do look for a girl, for starters.


“The secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is not a wrong notion. So this valentines pig out. Eat in bed, eat on the table, go out and eat, bake a cake together or just order a pizza. A pizza is always the safest bet.


No, please don’t kill the fool whilst he is swimming. Valentine’s Day 2016 is turning out to be a blessing as the movie DEADPOOL got through the censor board with only 7 cuts. A movie date at the theatre or at home (We have Netflix. Okay fine, torrent) is a win-win ideal date.

deadpool mi
4) SEX –

Your eyesight is fine. You read exactly what I wrote. It’s okay, take deep breaths.*in* *out *in *out*. And there is no compulsion for both. If you want to, then go ahead. I just thought you should know that he does want it as long as there is consent and mutual desire. Oh and anything black and lace-y might send him into an over drive.

Sex valentine
5) MANY MORE, with you

Your man does want to spend almost all or at least majority of his valentine days/dates with you. Awww. Yes, we swooned. Though they are stereotyped to be the hard and not so emotional ones. Boys also foresee a happily ever after. *hands you a tissue*

men crying

Boxers, nail clippers, aux cords, coffee, permission to go out with friends, chapstick, a new game, permission to go out and play, cuddles and food. Guys are not that hard to please.

boys toys
Love him and cherish him. Be with him and help each other grow. Be a pillar of strength, not a barrier in the path of their achievements. Here you go, Happy Valentine’s Day.

P.S the writer still wonders why she is single especially when she has so much gyaan to offer!


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