“Great Expectations” is one of the most famous works of one of the most famous writers of all time, Charles Dickens.
As the book says “Life is not fair but it is still good.” So, if you’re a child, a teen full of emotions or an adult buzzing through the daily routine of work, if you’re an avid reader or want to pick up a random book, get your hands on this one. What more, you can experience the scenic essence of Victorian England and the taste of profound English!
The novel chronicles Pip’s experiences from childhood to adulthood. Great Expectations is generally termed a Bildungsroman. Bildungsroman is a German word used for novels that portray the psychological development of the central character.
As the critics say-“It has an irresistible magic to it – the magic of possibility. It animates the book’s narrator, Pip, and weaves a spell through his tale”
Young Pip, an orphan living with his sister and her husband, having no expectations from anyone, wasn’t aware of the laws that governed the working of the world. Then as he helped a convict to escape, he came to know for the first time, how it is to lie. He’s then sent to Ms. Havisham, a melancholic character who was denied on her wedding day. As revenge, she makes Pip believe in love and manipulates him to actually feel emotional towards a young pretty girl, Estella, who lived in Ms.Havisham’s house.
As he grew older, his life went through many twists and turns, and he started expecting many things from life as he learned more about it.  That’s the beauty of the book, it makes the reader realize that expectations hurt, and that, life is not fair at times.
The best part of the story is that, despite the unhappy beginning, unhappy middle and sorrowful ending (In the revised last chapter, which was published later, the ending is happy, but according to me, is not as beautiful as the original), there is always a consistent hope, optimism, a possibility that no matter what the odds, life will eventually turn out to be good!
It is one of my favorite novels, and is a must read for all you readers out there.
Have a good time getting this Dickens’ mesmerizing effect and feel free to share.
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