Gone in a flash: The reality of flash sales


Being sick had its perks, I had been wrapped in A blanket since the morning, rolling around in my bed, cause I could! Yes, I was too sick to study but not sick enough to stop browsing on my phone. (I can hear my mom and dad sighing in the background right now.) 

Since I had nothing better to do on this day and completing pending work was definitely not on my agenda, I decide to randomly browse the internet. And guess what I found? The Amazon Exclusive Redmi Note 3’s second exclusive sale was on! And what a better way to waste your sick day than randomly staring at the screen and refreshing the page. So that’s what I did. I had tried to buy one of these during the first flash sale and let me tell you, the sale started at 2 and by 2:02 everything was wiped out, even the wait-lists. Did that deter me and make me not fall for their marketing gimmicks? I would love to say yes, but unfortunately with a 32 GB memory, 3GB RAM, fingerprint sensor and 4,050 mAH battery, I would have to say no. Oh wait, did I mention the price? All this for Rs 11,999.

Flash Sales are basically marketing strategies to trap the consumer, by saying ‘Hey, Here! Look at this awesome deal. It will be available at this time and we have only limited stocks. Grab the deal now, like literally now, or you will miss it and regret it for your whole life (dramatic pause). What better way to boost sales, right?

Anyways , 1:57pm, as I stare at the timer and the doorbell rings. Damn! Can’t a person waste one’s life happily without being interrupted? Guess not!

At 1:59pm eyes wide, hands on the keypad, I knew this was my time.

And 2:00pm, the counter had finally, after what seemed like ages, reached zero! Frantic clicking. I HAD to do this !





Guess who bagged the deal? I did !! (No autographs please.) The excitement and happiness of finally having the cat in the bag was, to be subtle, GLORIOUS !

But not everyone was as lucky as me. If you scroll past the comments, you can see the wrath of the disappointed customers unleashed in its full glory. The flash sale is definitely a marketing strategy, which creates this rush among the customers, buzzing to capture the deal. Heavy promotions are a must for this. Did you experience the sale? Or if you missed out and would love to give a try to this, there is another sale coming on 23rd March on Amazon. Stay tuned!

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