Golden Chance for BSc and MSc Students of PU


On July 14th, 2017, the Dean University of Instructions, Panjab University, Chandigarh implemented a golden chance rule for science students of the University. The rule states that the students of BSc (Honours) and MSc (Honours) 1st and 2nd year who do not meet the minimum credit criteria required to get promoted to the next semester, which is 80% of the total subjects, will get another chance to improve their grades and pass to the next class. The students have to give their exams between July 27th and August 10th, and their results would be out by August 12th, 2017. Earlier, the criteria to get into the next semester was to pass 50% of the subjects but UGC had changed the criteria to 80%. The students were finding it difficult to fulfil such criteria and as a result, many students were not getting promoted to the next year. To help the students get into the next class and avoid the embarrassment of back year, this scheme has been initiated.

fb_img_1500120199971This rule was passed by the Dean University of Instructions, Panjab University, Chandigarh after a series of applications were submitted to the DUI office by Nishant Kaushal, the President of the Student Council and various student parties. They talked to the DUI, Dean of Sciences and Controller of Examinations about the problems faced by the students due to the new criteria and convinced the authorities to get such a scheme to help the students. The scheme was also promoted extensively on social media platforms like Facebook.

Students who get back year in colleges or schools generally suffer from low confidence as they see their peers getting ahead. They also have to bear the burden of disappointing their parents, and often end up in depression. This scheme will help the students avoid any such situation. This will definitely save the students’ time and money as they won’t have to repeat an year, and simultaneously also help in enriching their confidence.

Truly, nothing less than a golden chance for the students.

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Aarush Munjal (UILS, PU Campus)

Aarush Munjal
(UILS, PU Campus)

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