Go and get a life, Cricket Fans !


If you are an Indian you will understand the love we all have for cricket . And the ruthless passion with which Indians scrutinise every over, every ball .Only a few days ago after India couldn’t perform well in a match against South Africa at Cuttack, Odhisa , a section of the spectators started pelting the players with water bottles not once but three times ! At one point the situation got so bad that play had to be suspened for sometime and all the players converged to the centre of the feild.( The bottles couldn’t make it to the play area as such because water bottles don’t travel that far ) . How shameful ! These men that these ‘fans’ would worship till a few months ago are now being abused and insulted . And this is not the first time (unsurprisingly).

2007 : The Indian cricket Team failed to perform well at the ICC World Cup and couldn’t make it past the Group stage after losing a crucial game to Bangladesh .

Yuvraj Singh who was one of the most beloved cricket player of that time turned over night into one of the most hated Indian cricket players . The ‘fans’ actually pelted his house with stones and vandalised the property .These ‘fans’ did not even spare Sachin ‘ God of cricket’ Tendulkar and Virender ‘Master blaster’ Sehwag . Such is the wrath of the ‘fans’ . Despite all this discouragement, the team went on to win the T20 World cup title a few months later

UV crying

2009 : Dhoni and his Team failed to keep the T20 World Cup after winning it in  2007 .India lost to England by a margin of 3 runs , resulting in their elimination.

Three bloody runs . And the nation went berserk !Dhoni payed a heavy price for this . Fans took to the streets and burned his effigies.They chanted slogans like “Die Dhoni Die”. Some ‘fans’ actually went to the construction site of The captains house and damaged the property. Some went as far as to ask him for a resignation . And these were the same people who celebrated Dhoni when he got home the World Cup in 2007 and called him Captain Cool.


2015 : India loses to Australia in the World Cup Semi Finals after a spectacular performance throughout the tournament.

All the good performances by the team members during the tournament are forgotten and people in India literally go crazy , less with grief and more with resentment and anger . They vent out the major part of their frustration at Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma who was dating Indias star player Virat  Kohli. It’s surprising how easy these people found it to blame a defeat over a relationship. How irrelevant is that .People took to the roads to burn posters of the Team and of the actress . Social Media was flooded with criticism.The situation was so serious that the Indian Captain had to be provided with extra security outside of his house

Do these players owe you something ? Are they at that position because of you ? No. They dont OWE us the victories. They owe us nothing. They are at the position because of their hard work. We watch the game not for them but for our entertainment.Does losing a match give them Happiness? NO! These men spend a major part of the year away from their families on tours in different countries and undergo vigrous training to get to this level.After all this do u think losing a match gives them any type of happiness. Not to forget the billions of cricket crazy fans that have their hopes on them, who when angered turn into beasts. Does their not performing well in the feild cause you some physical or psychological damage?NO.(If the answer happens to be a YES, go see a psychtrist. Its unhealthy.) Then why subject them to all this injustice and harassment.

One thing that any person who has ever been a part of any sport event ( even something like a Kabaddi Match) will understand is that victories and defeats are a part of every game . Its probably 60% talent and 40% luck. These men that play for the country are human. Every human makes mistakes, everyone goes through Highs and Lows in life. And one defeat is no reason to ignore every good performance and subject them to the combined wrath of a billion people. Moreover if you cant support them when they are going through a bad tine, why do you so jubliantly celebrate their victories?

In seven years India has come a long way . Hell we have a new bloody Government. ISRO has sent spaceships to bloody Mars . But these people are still stuck on the same old ‘INDIA-LOST-A-MATCH-LETS-BURN-EFFIGIES-AND MAKE-LIFE-HELL-FOR-THESE-PLAYERS’

Come on , people . Get a life ! 

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