Global shapers broke their silence with #OrangeItUp


Photography by Shubhangi Singh (MCM College 36)

The Global Shapers as a part of their initiative #OrangeItUp organised an awareness campaign at the Punjab University Student Centre and Sector 17 plaza on February 12th, 2016.

The initiative is one stream of the bigger picture “I BREAK MY SILENCE”, the idea behind which is to raise awareness against the burning issues of  eve teasing, sexual abuse against both genders and to raise their voice to curtail further victimisation.

Around 15 Volunteers accompanied by Neelima, a Global Shaper who is heading this initiative, took to approaching people for the same cause. They acquainted the people about the issue verbally and requested them to wear the orange ribbon and post a picture with it on social media with the hashtag #OrangeItUp and #EndGBV to become a part of this campaign, which is running online since 8th February 2016.

The team got good responses both in the StuC and Sector 17 Plaza, with a wide number of people coming up and accepting it as a responsibility to raise their voice against the cause. While the entire crowd of StuC could be seen wearing the orange ribbon, even the downtrodden children of Sector 17 showed awareness and voluntarily became a part of this campaign.

orange 2

Answering to whether the initiative is limited to only the Valentine’s Week, the Global Shapers showed enthusiasm to carry it forward till the time the message reaches to every person in the tricity and beyond.

The Community is also organizing freeze mob on the same lines in the coming days, do reach out and extend a helping hand to the cause.

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