Glimpse of a struggle ahead: Sarabjit (Trailer)


With the trailer of the much awaited movie ‘Sarabjit’ garnering much attention recently, much is expected out of this biopic on the Indian villager, Sarabjit, who strayed to Pakistan in an unconscious state and lost his life after languishing in the jail.

The trailer opens with the villagers screaming out Sarabjit’s name, holding fire-lit torches, looking for him in the dark. Flash forward and we’re thrown into a cellar and find ourselves locked up with Sarabjit.

Randeep Hooda, who plays the character of Sarabjit in the picture is unrecognizable at the first sight. The actor in his first frame in the trailer is all that a prisoner should be and steals the moment in an instant.

As it etches forward, Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, who plays Sarabjit’s sister, grabs the eye with her somber look and authentic Punjabi accent. She comes across very convincingly as a struggling sister, with anger in her voice and fire in her eyes.

Darshan Kumar shows up in the trailer as the lawyer from Pakistan and Richa Chadda plays Sarabjit’s wife with a numb, frozen look in her eyes.

Randeep Hooda leaves you spellbound, with a touch of madness, tangled hair and skeleton-like body. The drama that unfolds, while flashes of Sarabjit’s struggle in jail are shown, brings us to the edge of our seats and leaves us wanting more!

Finally, one can only think of the magic that the movie would unfold.


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