Give PU Examinations in February, if not ready for December!


With the recent release of the date sheets for the exams of various Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate courses by Panjab University, which are scheduled to be held in the month of December, the exam fever has taken a toll on the mental health of the students and is hanging like a double sided sword on their heads.

The students are worried that they would fail the examinations, given the vast syllabus that the university issues and the shortage of time for preparation. The students are arguing that due to various festivals during this semester (like Diwali and Bhai Dooj), there was insufficient time for the students to prepare unerringly for the examinations

As a result of this taxing situation, on Sunday, November 12th, 2017, about twenty students gathered outside the main office of the University and started a silent protest, demanding the exams to be postponed. A plea was written and sent to the higher authorities for the same.

Punjab University has long been known to be sensitive towards the issues regarding its students. Walking forward on the same path, it has decided to honor the wishes of the students, but with a twist.

The University, following a beaten path, adopted by many foreign universities, has decided to introduce the option of “Second Choice Examination (SCE)” within the University. Under SCE, the students can opt between two different dates sheets, scheduled with a time difference of a month i.e in December and February.

The students are required to submit an application online if they want to opt for this option, along with a fee of Rs.1000. The last date to submit the application is 30th November. Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the faculty but will not, under any circumstances, be accepted after the exams as per the first date sheet have started.

When asked about the sudden decision, the concerned authorities said that “When students are forced to give the examinations without being fully prepared, it is a source of disappointment to us as well as the students. There is no use of wasting the precious time of teachers and other faculty members involved in conducting the examination when the students are not fully prepared.”

A University teacher put forward her viewpoint regarding this by saying that “The University has taken a brave step which would give the students an opportunity to score better. The SCE offers freedom of choice, and isn’t that what we all are fighting for?” A student leader exclaimed that the University also has an ulterior motive behind this decision, as they don’t want their result to go down because of poor preparation on the part of the students. They are highly concerned about their rankings and thus this decision is a golden path.

This decision has surely brought about a sense of relief to the students and is being appreciated by everyone. Phrases like ‘Bach gye yaar’, ‘Jai PU administration ki’, and “’Tere bhai ki izzat doobne se bach gye’ are being frequently used by the students who plan to give their exams in February.

So, with the authorities taking such a stoic decision for the overall benefit of the students, it is time is for all the students to relax in the cozy December, celebrate Christmas and New year with a chill, but at the same time mentally de-clutter themselves and prove themselves soon. 

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