GGDSD Student Union 2015-2016: A Year in Review


Elections are, for a few, the lifeline of college and elections campaigning is the only time when the students turn up in the campus. Respective parties and their members work really hard to attract the new crowd of the college. They approach the students and convince them why they are the most praiseworthy party, by making various assurances and by ensuring them various facilities in the campus.

While the student unions consider these elections very seriously, their tactics and actions keep entertaining the crowd. The student politics is surely a vital and an entertaining part of the college life.
Last session, SDCU+SDHU union had their terrific come-back after a year of defeat in GGDSD College. SDCU+SDHU enjoyed a comfortable win after SOI and SOPU failed to enlist their first choice candidates in the elections. President, Jaideep Singh along with his hardworking members kept up to the expectations of the students and fulfilled many of their promises.

Major problem of parking which was termed ‘impossible’ by other parties, was solved by SDCHU. The president made a visit to the mayor’s office, requesting him to extend the parking slope. The dream of a Wi-Fi enabled campus was also made possible by the SDCU, but remains a hiccup for SDCU at the same time. Wi-Fi routers have been installed in the campus, but proper working is yet to be initiated. Another awaited promise of an A/C in the reading room was crowned by the previous student council.

Along with these, a lot more was done by the party. Gym equipment was changed with new ones in the boy’s hostel. Canteen sheds were replaced with better ones. The president along with a few other members went on a hunger strike, when the college authorities refused to accept their demands and sat on the same until his demands were met. With regards to an improvement in the meals in boy’s hostel hasn’t taken place.

Meanwhile, the other parties did not barge into the matters except for SOI, with regards to the trip to Nainital; in which students were promised a refund of Rs 300 after the trip ends, but the money was not returned to students who claimed for it.

Overall in GGDSD college, SDCHU union played its role in the betterment of the college. It was a nice run for the SDCU after winning elections without any alliance.

What was not done by the student council was building up an amphitheater, organizing a better sports meet than the previous regime and also there were no self-defense classes as was promised.

The Student council in the year 2015-2016 has stood up to the expectations of the students and set a higher benchmark for the parties in the elections to be held in the next session. It is totally worth the wait to see if in the upcoming elections, the next president will be able to fulfill the expectations and set even higher bars for the other unions. All the supporters of the student groups have been generously helping and working hard for the elections, which are to be held on September 7.

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Yogitha Kaushik (SD College 32)

Yogitha Kaushik (SD College 32)

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