GGDSD College to Have Air-Conditioned Classrooms; Students Rejoice


No, your eyes did not deceive you. The seemingly impossible has finally been achieved. Students will no longer have to strategically find seating near fans in every class;  GGDSD College will indeed be fully air conditioned, come October. This is not to take away from the University of Fraser Valley, and the IT Centre, who already enjoy the benefits of this modern wonder (lucky ducks). However, the move-which is being hailed by students and teachers alike – wasn’t easy to implement.

It all began when the Principal of the college witnessed a horde of students seeking the comfort of the centrally air-conditioned Administrative Block (after being kicked out of the Reading Room of course). Subsequently being chased away from there too, with admonishments of “Baithna Nahi!” they were left with no option but to return to the Reading Room and pretend to scribble, while sneakily watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Students headed to the canteen to grab a bite and a place to sit-only to find every seat occupied. This agitated the student populace even more. The growing unrest among the students resulted in a hunger strike led by 2nd year BCom student, Sarthak Bhukkad, which apparently came to a halt after the Bhukkad’s mother whisked him away, reportedly threatening to beat him up with her chappal if he didn’t eat. The rest of the students determined to take the baton were seen proclaiming “We won’t let the man keep us down!” They were soon silenced by the announcement of a 10% deduction in attendance for those participating in the strike.

Undaunted, they didn’t give up and approached the ubiquitous college political parties, who promised to include the issue in their manifestos and agendas (PU Mirror hasn’t been able to confirm whom to attribute the achievement too, owing to all parties publicly claiming credit for the same).

Finally, in a well drafted (and subtly scathing, if the word of some students is to be believed) letter to the administration, the students promised to go on an indefinite mass bunk, if their demands not met. The Principal then eventually caved into the mounting pressure, and sanctioned the installation of an AC in each classroom of the college, on September 6th, 2017.

Tan lines will no longer be the trend. We’ll finally be able to sit and chat with friends and not have to sweat like pigs while doing so”, said Rahul Aimless, a BA-1 student, with a wide smile. Teachers are found to be hoping that the students will focus more on studies now, instead of complaining about how hot it is. The girls of the college, whose dewy skin was more a result of sweat, than any highlighter- are said to be happy as they won’t have to invest in sweat-proof makeup anymore.

Construction has already begun and is expected to be completed by the end of next month. The move and the struggle to get it done will surely be remembered for batches to come, who’ll owe their comfort to the spirit of these fighters.

Disclaimer: Sorry to get your hopes up. “Winter is here”- AC’s not so much. Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday segment of light-hearted fake news (Donald Trump, much?). Here’s to hoping we all don’t die of a heat stroke before graduating.

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