GGDSD college student council President goes on hunger strike.


Alleging the GGDSD College authorities for not accepting their demands, to portray their anger, students of the college went on strike on Thursday. The President Jaideep Singh along with 3 others namely, Anmol Katyal, Prabjot and Abhishek are on a hunger strike.

Members of SDCU+SDHU sat in front of the administrative block from 11 AM and continued their efforts all day. Shouting slogans the students tried to persuade the college authorities to listen to their demands but couldn’t get to any fruitful end.

SDCU is currently in power in GGDSD college. Talking to PU mirror senior party member Rachit Suri said, “College authorities have been ignorant towards our demands and have taken us very lightly.” The students alleged that the college had promised renovation of the washrooms last year which has not yet taken place. They even raised the issue of a shed not being installed in the college canteen which was earlier promised to the student council.

Another issue raised by the council was regarding the newly installed WiFi on campus which has not been running on all the devices and this has proven to be an issue for the students. A small meeting did take place between the council and the authorities at around 1:30 pm but no results could be derived from the very same.

The four students on hunger strike will continue their efforts along with others tomorrow and have made it clear that they will not deter until the Administration takes note of their demands and promises to act on.

The fast approaching VIRASAT, which is the major cultural fest is just around the corner and this strike could prove to be a hindrance in the fest as college authorities and the student council struggle to fit on the same page.

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