GGDSD College authorities turn blind eye towards students


In the midst of the ongoing semester finals, SD college authorities seem to have lost all concern for their hostelers.
Loud drum beats could be heard outside the boys hostel as the sources said the college folk music team was practising. Students turned up and voiced their displeasure towards the blunder. No one from the college authority seemed to bat an eye towards what was going on.
This took place when the students had exams the very other day. The principal of the college resides in the campus and yet no one came and stopped the instructors and the students.
A student of BA 2nd year said “I was studying for my HCP exam after giving my elective English exam just hours before that. It is when the loud drum beats started and when we shouted at them the noise level went up.”
The practice’s were going on in front of the boys hostel at around 5 pm on December 4. No one stood up for the students and it was after the predetermined 30 minutes of practice the noise went down.


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