GCG’S Council Spares a Word


Naarebazi at high pitch; issues raised; promises made; agendas shared; posters, stickers, popping at every corner!

The election fever reached the top notch in the campus of PGGCG-11, Chandigarh as the last few days saw students cheering their favourite candidates in high spirit. Finally on Sept 7, 2016 GCG-11 chose its Student Council for the session 2016-17, with Goldie Negi as the President, Ridhi Sharma as the Vice-President and Stuti Sharma as the General Secretary of the College.

The real story now begins

Will the girls fulfil the promises they made?

Will the agendas they shared be realised?

Have the students voted the ‘Best’, or not?

To the students’ rescue, we bring forward the interview of the winning candidates, where they gave an insight into their agendas and strategies for the Election Season 2016. You sure don’t want to miss it!

Q. What is that thing which makes you different from other candidates? Quote your unique toss!

Here’s what Goldie Negi had to say, “My friendly nature and my dedication to work for the College’s good makes me stand out. It’s true that I’m mad enough, our authorities are mature…what we want is madness for the best, and I have enough!” 

To this, Ridhi Sharma opined, “I believe in the saying, ‘If you want to go fast, do the work alone; but if you want to go far, do it together’. I believe in working together and seek to build a strong unity in the college. Students will see the change themselves in short time for I believe in making it, not faking it.”

“Amongst all, my speeches instil participation for elections amongst students”, said Stuti Sharma. “I highly focused on making them alert of their right to choose!”

Q. What strategies did you use to reach out to the students for Campaigning?

“My strategies were absolutely simple!” says Goldie, “I just showed my true self and nothing was fake. I shared genuine agendas and no fake promises. Standing at the hostel gates, I reached out to every student out there.”

Here’s what Ridhi did. “Our only strategy was to reach out to as many students as possible. I wanted them to know me as a person and understand what I truly believe in. I hope I was able to convince them!”

For Stuti, it seems her course worked right for her! “Being a psychology student, I used tricks to gather attention! I used power statements in my speeches like ‘You are the youth. You have the power to bring the change.’ That surely made an impact!”

Q. Now that you have made it to the position, name your very 1st step.

“Provide the best diet on regular schedules for sports and NCC cadets!” said Goldie

While our Vice-President Ridhi promised, “Instil proper food and water facilities! New and clean water coolers, a 30min lunch break as well, for nobody has to then choose between food and classes.”

“The agenda closest to my heart is the installation of WiFi facility in the campus and the hostels”, shared Stuti. “I shall be working on it definitely!”

Seems now is the time to test every word of it! Congrats and All the Best!

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