Game of thrones – A unique success story.


‘Game of thrones’ is a legendary American fantasy drama created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and is based on ‘A song of ice and fire’ by George R.R. Martin.Since its inception ,5 seasons have been telecasted with 10 episodes each. It has attracted record number of viewers on television network and has an active fan base. It also has the record for the most pirated show i.e  most illegal downloads than any other show. Ever wondered what makes this show so popular..??
A detailed analysis shows that there are some specific reasons for the  great success of the show in a short span of time.


Many shows  come and go but what makes  ‘Game of Thrones’ different is the fact that it remains true to its genre.  It’s aimed specifically at adults and does not include any kids stuff or comedy . It does what a serious science fiction or fantasy drama should do – staying on topic and taking the story and its characters the way they are supposed to.It is not for children as there are numerous plots and sub plots which have disturbing imagery and even the adult audience has to be completely involved while watching .

In a world of sitcoms , comic book fiction , dramas and fantasy dramas  have emerged as the best accepted by people on network television. In such a world , ‘Game of Thrones’ is arguably one of the smartest , most well written show, both in terms of language and plot. It caters to a new class of people –“the intelligent crowd”. These are the people who don’t want the routine gags , the same musical drama/ love story ; they want something real which could silent their hunger for good content material .This show does just that ; with its witty humor , lyrical and well written dialogues and complicated questioning , it gives the people to start churning their creative juices ,a welcome activity by the ‘intelligent crowd’ .


This is somewhat a frustrating element of the show.Just when you think  you’ve got one lose end of the show to understand what’s gonna happen next , the story flips. Central characters get killed off , weddings turn into bloodbath, bad guys develop a conscience as time passes. The twists and plot turns are impossible to anticipate which is why people come back for more .

The character complexity is one of the biggest accomplishments of the show . What makes them more likeable is the amount of time invested in them.

  • Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark ,even though were good people  had an awful experience in politics.
  • Tyrion Lannister ,one of the most favorite character on the show has an amazing  mind but is an ‘imp’.
  • King Joffrey ,the most hated character on the show because of his wicked nature , etc. are some examples.

But the best part is that good characters can become bad anytime on the show and bad characters may turn out to be  helpful. The actions are so unpredictable that you get so confused and are unable to decide who is what. The concept of ‘good ‘and ‘bad’ is moot on this show. Due to limited screen time, all the shades of the character cannot be displayed but the people who’ve read the books know that these characters are an accurate representation of today’s world.

Female characters are far more diverse and complex than the male characters ,which rarely happens in a TV show.Females in early times were just used for navigating the male world and that wasn’t easy. They were used for the pleasure of men , but in this show they are showed in extreme ways – as queens , princesses, loving mothers , warriors  to whores. Females are not showpieces rather they have a very powerful role in the story.

It shows the guilt free brutality . Life in all parts of westeros is politically incorrect ,where  good people are killed and the bad people inherit all the power , women are treated badly and the difference between rich and the poor is uncanny. Gender based differences, the differently abled and the difference in cultures is all handled nicely ,which makes this show a cult classic in fantasy drama. The show is shot on beautiful locations in Iceland, Spain,London amongst many locations and the actors have beautifully designed costumes.
These are some of the broad reasons why the show has attracted such a wide fan base across the world.

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