From Telly Soaps to HRD, but the drama still remains!


The world is in a state of chaos right now, but amongst all the issues of urgent importance, our Indian ministers choose to fight over things as petty as addressing a woman as “Dear”!

Yes, I’m talking about the Union HRD Minister, Ms Smriti Irani’s twitter war with the Education Minister of Bihar, Dr Ashok Choudhary, which all started as she felt that she should be addressed as “Adarniya.” This is for real, after all this is India!
Here, have a look!

As an educated and aware woman, who is heading the Union Ministry for HRD, it is much expected that Ms Irani be aware of the fact that even though the word ‘dear’ is synonymous to the words like ‘beloved’ and ‘darling,’ it’s meaning changes with its usage. As if she does not know already. But well, still!
Given that, in the modern days we live in, all kinds of formal communication in the English language begins with people addressing each other as ‘dear so and so,’ ‘dear sir/madam’ etc. She has been in office for two years and given all the official communication that takes place, her reflection is surprising! We may use Hindi, but she is no novice at English! Or are you, Ms Irani?

The way she reacted can only help us deduce one thing i.e. she ignored the issue at hand and took this as an opportunity to take a dig at a congressman.  This is why India is where it is, after all. Politicians are busy grabbing opportunities to take jibes at each other, instead of focusing on issues at hand. If issues related to work were scrutinized and dissected with such sharpness, I bet India would have been one of the most educated countries by now.
But well, who has the time, to get off twitter and focus on other things? Or probably the Telly Soap actress in her is still alive and kicking, wanting it’s share of attention now and then! If that’s the case, then don’t worry Ms Irani, we can understand. After all you are only human!



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