Frippery: The Ostentation Soars High


The much awaited two-day event of the tricity ‘Frippery’ unfolded the ostentation in high spirits on second day, February 18th, 2017 in Leisure Valley, Chandigarh. Frippery offered an admirable aura where the visitors were euphoric with enthusiasm levels touching the sky. The event had something in store for every visitor alike. From shopaholics to foodies and from art lovers to music freaks, there was an amalgamation of stalls of all myriad hues.

The grandiose crowd of the City Beautiful did not even gave a second thought, before spending on the heavy lavish designer wears. There were exclusive stalls from across the country. Wherein, a stall from Goa was blown away by the sales, and the happiness of the owner Mr. Roland knew no boundaries.

Photo-Credit: Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

Young budding undergraduates from SD College, who were the organizers, worked really hard to make this much hyped event a success in reality. The stall by Neev Enactus, also received a lot of appreciation in the event. Neev Enactus helps the underprivileged section of the society, and they offered organic plants, up cycled bottles, designer mirrors and jute file covers to the customers.

The vibrant photo booth with cool and funky props, proved to be a magnet for the youth. The glowing selfie grins gave the perfect weekend festivity vibes. To add cherry to the cake, there was provision of some really delectable delights for every age group. Many renowned brands ranging from Uncle Jacks, Nabobs, Sugar Street and Cheeze Box, catered their mouthwatering delicacies which successfully descended the running rats of the stomach.

A virtuoso performance by Fazal- The Band, proved to be a blessing for all the music lovers. The splendid voices and symphonies successfully struck the chords of the heart, leaving the visitors tapping to the beats in high spirits. The fun and frolic event finally came to an end on February 12, 2017. It definitely left a smile on everyone’s face which they cherished all day long, leaving behind an unforgettable event for the Chandigarhians.

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Dikshi Gupta (SD College 32)

Dikshi Gupta (SD College 32)

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Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

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