Friends,Really ?

There is ugly side to every person and every relation. This poem is a sneak peak into ugly side of pious relation called friendship.
Friends my foot
They behave like crooks.
They give you the right
But later initiate a fight
When you are not in a mood of delight and are a prey to a plight, Ignoring your sensitive state of mind ,they will go to heights.
For they are now poor to believe the facts brought to sight
Instead of knowing facts that were burried behind.
To vent yourself you go upto them ,
Only to just never look upto them. And the friend that joins in, Claiming to be best friend for the time being.
With the little they know about you, they’ll find a factor and impose upon you.
Irony of this relationship You are chosen to be with only when you are enthusiastic.
Let there come a low And they’ll leave you alone to face the blow This is the time to parents you bow And let the light of their wisdom glow ! 🙂

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Bhavya Gupta

Bhavya Gupta (UILS, PU Campus)

A zealous, compassionate lass. Ardent believer of karma takes the revenge, I love to write my heart out!


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