Fresher’s guide to Panjab University Examination


Unsullied out of school, college freshman often feel too liberated in the new college life that they often forget the main objective of coming to college, education. This might not be the case in most of the students here but the BA people do relate to what i just said.

Putting in mind that they are now studying arts they often spend more time in their college canteens rather than their classrooms. This comes with the idea that we will eventually cover up what the teacher is talking and score good. Well here is a bummer that idea is just a myth. Panjab University isn’t some piece of cake, taking admission in various colleges here isn’t that tough when compared to the North campus of DU but the real problem arises when it comes to exams. PU doesn’t spare anyone when it comes to setting papers. So, here are some tips for the freshman that they can definitely use in their upcoming semester exams.

  • Forget the school pattern- In school you studied all the lessons and did a very good revision just to make sure everything sticks in. Forget that slick you’re in college now. Divide your chapters in units and then study them according to each unit. Unlike in school where you studied all ignoring the unit division.


  • No to short and simple- You aren’t made to fill all the pages in school, except for those who have tendency to go on writing. When you are writing an exam in PU don’t forget to explain it to the fullest a proper answer which will bag you good marks contains all that is there in the lesson and not what you feel is necessary. 5 page answers shall be a minimum; the question is for around 18 marks you have to write that much at least.


  • No need to study everything and anything- Don’t be the school kid again starting from lesson one and going till the tenth one leaving none in between. As mention above divide the chapters and then take note of the number of lessons in a particular unit. If a unit has 5 chapters you shouldn’t study more than 3, Odds are you will easily have a question out of those to save your day.


  • Guess paper- Do not come under the influence of anyone claiming to get you a guess paper. Make one yourself, take a 10 year question paper booklet and take out the questions that surface up year after year. There is great possibility of those very questions coming in your paper so be careful.


  • Draw where necessary- This is specifically for the students of such subjects which include graphs and other diagrams. Draw them wherever possible, the more of these the better you will score is the simple funda. The teachers of PU have a tendency allotting better marks to students who have explained their answer with the help of a diagram. The Economics students do take note of this one here.

PU examination might be a little tough but if you master these techniques there are hardly any chances that you score less than expected, in any case of course if you haven’t studied I can’t help. Do try and fill the maximum part of your answer booklet. It certainly leaves a good impression on the checker. Keep it neat but do make sure you finish the writing part on time, neatness is secondary.

Gear up Now its exam time! Let the serious time kick in and go no holds barred on those books.

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