Bonjour Indian foodies! Are you ready to experience the European nosh? French Press Café is the top notch place for your friends and family to have a chitchat with serenity as visiting food outlets like McD, KFC, Café JC, etc involves quite a rush.
It has amazing ambience, dazzling décor and a wide variety of cuisines where not only French but also British, Italian, Lebanese, American delicacies are served with love. Apart from it, you can have here your “me time” having coffees, teas, sandwiches, soups and desserts (if you have a sweet tooth) The food is mouthwatering but it is observed that it’s services are a little slow but maybe they are giving you time to enjoy the music or perhaps to stay at the café intentionally.
The food enthusiasts have been looking for a break from the Indian cuisine since very long. From noodles to momos and now to exotic ham and fried eggs. I am downright sure that this place is going to serve every foodie a new perspective to his or her preferences.
My personal favourites from the list are Alfredo with greens, Praline waffles and Vanilla Latte. To be honest, you will go perplexed reading the menu because there are some names you may have never heard of and some are too mainstream. Therefore, I recommend you to trust your gut or ask the chef about his speciality.
No place is perfect, nor is this. Some visitors find the way of giving bills on paper really weird not knowing that is the classic European way, some, on the other hand, didn’t admire the taste of the food and some were dissatisfied with the services as a whole.
1.Food- 4/5
2.Presentation- 5/5
4. Ambience – 4/5
5. Services- 3.5/5
So, what are you waiting for? Go, spare your weekdays or weekends. Breathe and
experience it in your own style. You must have tried many such cafes, why not
try this as well?
Bon appétit!

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Mini Verma (MCM DAV College 36)


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