I hope you will forgive yourself,

For not being the type, this world wishes you were.

For letting your heart flow with the dreams  you have not met till now.

For being a rebel when it comes to your family and friends.

For not sticking to the definitions of bold.

For creating a life you wished to live, every night before you sleep and dreams you hold.

For being a little warm in this cold hearted world.

I hope you forgive yourself,

For being different then the rest,

For being blunt and strong, when the world wants you to not argue and stay wrong.

For every flaw your skin has, for every detail you couldn’t match.

For every time your panic and consciousness pushes you away from the world.

I hope you forgive yourself,

For fighting with perfection, with norms that stoped you from being you, with people for being the cracks in your journey.

For every person you cannot stop and hold on in your life.

For every moment that didn’t come alive.

For giving all of you, for giving all you have and not expecting a pay in return.

For every time you couldn’t earn.

For supporting people when their tears shed and for helping the ones that never cared.

I also hope you forgive yourself,

For the sins you never committed,

For keep trying and for holding on to that little faith you have, for being rare and kind.

Because there’s not much life, without forgiveness, imperfection and fault.

The ocean is never the ocean without the salt.

There’s nothing in you that’s going wrong, there’s a lot scrap in the life you have lived till now, but one day being exactly as you are will pay off.

And that loneliness, anxiety and pain will shake off.

You will realise one day,

How beautifully you make the lives around you gay.

I know you’re tired, I know you have had enough, I know it takes a lot of strength to be who you are today.

But believe me living the way you are, it’s the only best way.

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Vanshika Taank- Gargi College, DU


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