Food(ie) for Thought, Quite Literally: A Talk with Food Critic, Rahul Miglani


The next best thing to eating food is talking about it. If not all, there are many people who have ‘Joey-soul’ hidden inside and demand good food (and of course, no sharing). Not only this, they can spend a good amount of money for it too. But have you ever wondered how it feels like on being paid for eating?

Well, we got way too curious to find out the same. And since foodie-ism and Punjabi-ism makes up the best blend, we decided to interview Chandigarh-based 23 years old food critic, Rahul Miglani; who is one of the youngest food critics in town and certainly, has a lot to share.

So especially for the people who look at food like their only love; reach the depth of the food aura through this conversation with Rahul Miglani.

• What made you choose this sort of career?
When I discovered that my opinions about food are being considered by a lot many people, I decided to take my love for food to another level. For me, it is not a career but a hobby. This is a way for me to try the best food and share my experiences with the world at the same time.

• We are witnessing a lot of ‘foodie-ism’ in the tricity. Being a food critic, what are some of your favourite cuisines and food joints?
Being a foodie is not a big thing. Everyone eats! It is the difference on the point of what you eat. For me, the best food includes burgers and Italian cuisines. And the best places that I recommend would be The Back Room, Italo’s Pizza, Tossin Pizza. Also, I strongly believe in the saying that, “A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” A cook who does this, can become anyone’s favourite.

• Is there any place in the tricity that you think gives the best food, good service, has good ambiance and is reasonable too? Yes, an ‘all-in-one’!
Yes, there are a bunch of them. It depends on what you call reasonable. For a student on an average, Rs. 50-150 is the pocket limit. The best places to crash in with that budget would be Student Center, Panjab University or Gopal Ji, Sector 35. Rising to a professional side, Ovenfresh is the place to be. Although, my personal favourite is The Back Room.

• What do you look for on a plate?
I look for something which is a perfect blend of flavours, and something that is presented in a way that it pleases your eyes. It should taste like heaven in every bite.

• Do you cook?
Yes, I do. I really cook often. I do a lot of experiments with food and make some good authentic ones too. I love making brownies and pasta. I have been a food lover since childhood. Cooking and eating never fails to enrapture me.

• Maggi is undoubtedly the final resort for the hungry owls; what else do you suggest for the midnight hunger?
Maggi has been the best midnight food for ages. But yes, who doesn’t need a change? For that necessary change, we have instant pasta and my personal favourite is cheese-grilled sandwich. (It) takes less time, (is) easy to cook and tastes amazing!

• You have the best job in the world. Any story you want to share on that?
Yes, I agree that my job is great but it has some negative points too, just like every other job. To be honest, you don’t always get good-food on the plate. But the food needs tasting to get reviewed and it is my job. I am happy with it, even then. Stories? There are many! Recently, I had a great experience hosting a bloggers meet at Burgrill, Chandigarh. There, we got a chance to try different types of dishes as a group. It was one great meet for me.

We’d like to thank Rahul for taking time out to share this knowledge and talk about food. You can check out his work on his blog.  And to foodies out there: ‘Stay Hungry, my friends’.

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