Five ways to celebrate contemporary holi!


With the colours of festival approaching, we begin to plan and decide our routine for the Holi-day! What we forget is to also plan intelligently for our environment. Try the following tips to add a colour of style and novelty to your day without sacrificing your moments of laughter and fun.

  • Bring out the artist in you


Who says colours are only used to be applied over the face? Let your inner artist conquer your fancy and imagination and bring out colourful hourglasses, antique pots, flower pots and other show pieces, adding a dash of holi colours to it! (Pro-Tip: you could spray adhesive to make the colour stay)

  • Colourful edible face-packs


Face-packs? Edible? Yes. Squash some black grapes, rub some beetroot or squeeze in some pomegranate and Voila! You have your own healthy face colour to enjoy the festival and that too in a healthy and safe way!

  • Creative colourful goodies


There’s a unique way to do away with the harmful colours. All you need is a plain white t-shirt and your hands dipped in water colours! Unleash your creativity with palm stamps and fingerprints all cover the t-shirt to give this lovely colourful gift to your near and dear ones! Use the same idea for gifts like jewellery and use rainbow colours of nail paints over it!

  • Evergreen (not just green) rangolis!


This idea never goes out of times. What could be better than using those colours to decorate your house and at the same time having a rangoli competition? The most colourful and innovative rangoli in the locality, takes away the most colourful rangoli prize!

  • Foooood Power!


No occasion is complete without a good stock of food items! Use all fruits and vegetables of various colours to bring out the best salads and fruit-chaats! Also, add to your menu smoothies, milk shakes and mocktails of variety of shades to make the colourful event even more colourful and finger licking!



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