Five Ravans Swallowing Us Real Bad!


October 11th, 2016, the awaited day; we will get to know who wins, as here begins the final war; war between 5Gs’ and 5Rs’. This Dussehra, let’s envision the power of the two, the Good and Ravan; hoping to have the Gs’ on the victorious side as always.

Life, nowadays, is all about getting tamed by the unexpected. Human beings have lost the rationality to deal with their potential and powers. We do have the massive pack of energy oozed into their cells. But that routes to the wrong side or maybe that goes ‘too much’ to a things it shouldn’t. This Dussehra, let’s just make up our minds to use our auxiliary time, a little more judiciously. This time let’s just give Ravan a blow in the face by showing him the superman powers we all possess. We do, yes! WE DO.

Now let’s just meet the Rs’ for a bit and think about the glamorous battle coming forth!

1) Mr. Cell-phones:

No-no, I don’t mean that cell-phones completely possess the soul of Ravan. I just say that our blind faith in it, where we elevate it over all our activities somehow gets it to take an evil role. We need to take a reality check and see the amount of energy we invest, no, ‘waste’ on this tech-body. We need to strike a balance and then schedule days. This time, be nice to the glucose in our body. And if we blame social media, let’s get reminded of a fact that the superpowers vest in us and not, social media.

2) Mr. Procrastination:  “I am huge and my evil powers have victimized almost all of you.”

Why is that even happening? What’s that which lures us into doing something less worthy of our time? The answer is that we are losing our gray matter at a rapid rate. We get distracted, we disturb our body processes, our sleep routines and bid adieu to work. It’s time we get our senses on toes and behave like the ‘homo-sapiens’. Humans, who are working like personification of sanity and doing the great things, we need inspiration! Wait; let me sprinkle some water on our faces so that we come out of the deep slumber!

3) Mr. Immorality: “Where is Mr. Handsome, your dear moral? I don’t see him visiting you much these days. Finally, he admitted, he is afraid of me.”

Why do we litter roads? Why do we remain quite when we see something wrong happening around? Why are we becoming selfish and rude, or coming under the influence of tosh? Why are we judging people? To these questions, only one answer comes to my mind! Are we really human with the blessing of brain, or are we born in the world of mental slavery? This time be a little more empathetic. We got to show our strength and make the world shine more.

4) Mr. Ignorance: “Till the time I’m with you, my people; nothing can come to you, because that’s my job. *Evil smile* If Mr. Knowledge and Mr. Awareness come to you, then just say goodbye. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you M&Ms and all the comfort.”

Bliss is what we get when we’re ignorant to everything. We lose our health, we behave like the lost one and we get away from the real meaning of life. Stay aware, befriend knowledge. Read a lot and realise the worth of this life. Kill this big man. Kill him!

5) Mr. Anger: “I keep you warm, no sorry, I keep you red-hot. I’m innate and now I’m driving you insane making you do disastrous things. Now I’ll say, that I’m a successful man.”

We let anger victimize and become uncouth. The wrath wraps our minds and we see the kind of action it triggers. The destruction in the world is what it triggers. Family ties getting broken, health issues being surfaced. We need to take a deep breath and realise the impact of our savage behaviour. Every life is precious. Let’s use our strength with the brain and heart. The combination will be a hit and Mr. Anger will have his answer.

We all need to burn the living Ravans in the fire. The shadow of this evil needs to be removed. Like always the good will win over this evil, but this time we adhere to the victory. This Dussehra, illuminate the world with light of knowledge and bring your mind on the best path. The battle is on and we are all waiting for the final results.

Rooting for Gs’ already!

Happy Dussehra!

About the Author:

Roshni Ahuja (MCM DAV 36)

Roshni Ahuja
(MCM DAV 36)

20! English honours. Logolept.
Seeks soulful delight in entwining imagination and words. Exhales poetry!  Invests sincere interest in Dramatics. Travel to unravel~


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