Five returning shows you just can’t miss this fall!


As fall approaches, so does the excitement of return of our favorite shows! Many of us have been following them for years and many must have ‘marathon(ed)’ season after season, just so they could catch up with the latest events going on in the shows. ‘Supergirl’, ‘Gotham’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ etc are some of the many shows returning with brand new seasons this fall.

Go ahead and scroll through the list of 5 upcoming shows for this fall.

1. Lucifer:

Lucifer Mornigstar and Detective Chloe Decker are one of those duo’s who banter like an old married couple. The comparison is sort of weird, when we realize that one is the ‘Devil’ and the other a detective of the NYPD. However, the show has done brilliantly in its first season and we can only wait for the next season with bated breath. And with Lucifer’s mother escaping from Hell, not even God can say what will happen.
Premiere: September 19, 2016


  1. Quantico:

Alex Parrish! Totally brilliant! She works hard and kicks hard too. Played by Priyanka Chopra (who delivers her part flawlessly), Alex is an FBI agent who overcame a lot of trials in the first season. With someone trying to frame her for crimes not committed by her, she has had one thing after the other going on. However, Quantico’s first season ends with a resolution (Thank God, no more suspense!) and a cliffhanger. Let us hope Quantico carries on with the amazing flow of Season 1 and delivers satisfactorily.
Premiere: September 25, 2016


  1. Elementary:

Former drug addict, Sherlock Holmes and a female, Dr. Watson. It takes a turn away from the usual Sherlock Holmes stories we hear or listen, however the crime solving is as intriguing as any. One of the best things about ‘Elementary’ is its ability to maintain a platonic relationship between the main characters. The friendship of Holmes and Watson is one of the key points, which many look forward to in the upcoming season.
Premiere: October 2, 2016


  1. Supernatural:

Sam and Dean, the ultimate brother duo will be back in the twelfth season of ‘Supernatural’ with more monster-hunting stuff. Not only that, but their bromance is to kill for! Even though they fight, at the end of the day they are brothers and no one can tear them apart. With Castiel, the angel, joining them, we can only hope for awesome exciting adventures! (I personally hope for the return of Chuck aka God.)
Premiere: October 13, 2016

5. The Vampire Diaries:


Caroline, Bonnie, Damon and Stefan seem to have found themselves in another predicament at the end of the recent season. The ending was practically a cliffhanger (I shall not reveal) and people have been going crazy for its return! Also, with the announcement of the upcoming season 8 being its last, the excitement to find out more has increased tenfold and so has the heartbreak of many fans.
Premiere: October 21, 2016

Everyone can catch the latest episodes of these shows online, with various sites uploading them within a few hours of airing. Enjoy!

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