Five reasons why you should not hate Aamir Khan


Whether you are a  Aamir khan fan or not, we sure believe you are a sensible person. All this hype that’s been going on recently has brought us down to one conclusion that INDIANS make India INTOLERABLE.

Here are five reason for why you shouldn’t hate AAMIR KHAN.

1. What Aamir said was just an OPINION!
Wake up people! What’s the whole chaos about? Almost 60 years since we got indepence, but even now we can’t let a person have an INDEPENDENT OPNION, and if by chance someone does have an Opinion , we try to bury it so deep that even the skeletons can’t see.

2. Aamir is also a HUMAN BEING.
Just like you and me , Aamir Khan also happens to be a human Being, surprising Isn’t it ? So yes, just like the rest of us he has the right to express himself liberally and say what he feels right. He may not be the only father who feels India is insecure for his child!

3. Who’s Intolerant? INDIA or YOU ?
So when he said that India is an INTOLERANT country, his statement could have been baseless, but thanks to you again to be proving him right by behaving the way you are. To be precise, by behaving like this you are ONLY making his statement seem so TRUE. Please decide who’s side are you?

4.Do Actors not have the freedom of SPEECH?
As far as we know, the constitution of India does not refrain the celebrities from speaking their mind, then who are you? Exactly my point ,if you can speak as you wish, criticize the country a million times, doesn’t he have the same right ? And basically he only quoted what his wife said.

Ever wondered how it would be if every thing you said would become a flashing news and a subject for the entire nation to judge you on? NO? Oh well then do it now. Judgmental and opinionated people like us are the major reason for why our country is still they way it is, and if you aren’t doing anything about it, then please LIVE AND LET LIVE !

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