Five Poetic Pearls by Gulzar


“I am a soldier. A soldier dressed in calmness. As I swing by your body, I observe something happening around in your brain. So, I play my role to just fight away those foreign agents of depression who trouble you and render your heart that jewel, which you call, ‘peace’. Can you guess my identity? Well, I am poetry.” 

Yes, any day when you feel low, grab a book of poetry and catch up with the wanted freshness for a while.
So imagine that you had a bad day and all your thoughts are battered, I would suggest that you take to a brilliant creation by an enigmatic personality. Read Gulzar! 

One of India’s finest film-makers and lyricists who weave the poetic magic all through your soul, Gulzar’s exploration of human relationships and the unique sensitivity to the world shapes him into an unparalleled Urdu-poet of India.
Let’s peep into the heaven that Gulzar has created with words and his unmatchable surrealism-

Kitabe (Books)- 

“Kitabe jhankti hain band almari ke shishon se, badi hasrat se takti hain!” 

That’s how the poem begins. Casting a spell on the on reader, this piece of poetry speaks forth the dazzle which the books carry. The books are eternal and no virtual-parallel creation can rob them of their charm. This essence is a must read and you are sure to connect with the idea.

2. Kharchi (A Day to spend)-  

The title per se is evidently attractive. Like you’re sitting with literally nothing in hand and in a brief moment your eyes land this alluring work, how will you feel? You will relate to it hands down. 

Mujhe kharchi mein pura ek din milta hai, magar har roz koi chheen leta hai jhapat leta hai, anti se…”

It’s a delightful read and you fall in love with Gulzar all over again.

3. Portrait of a Poet – 

Apne hi saanso ka kaidi, resham ka shayar ik din, apne hi taago mein ghutkar mar jaega”

This make you look into the soul of a poet. The pain and muse a poet blends to conceive a work. We are lost in the wonderful and imaginative world of Gulzar. His eyes saw that which is completely invisible. READ IT, and let reach the tender heart.

4. Portrait of a Prostitute- 

Yoon meri kokh kuchal dete na raahgir agar, mere bête bhi jawan hote ab tak, meri beti bhi to ab byaahne ke kaabil hoti”

Wow! Can you feel the agony these lines scream out? That’s exactly how Gulzar views the world and visions the pain, that resides in the deepest layers of their being. This piece echoes a beautiful theme, that usually is never even noticed or thought about. That is where the might of Gulzar lies.

5. Libaz (Clothes)- 

This enchants you in its own beautiful way. You are forced to wonder as to how one can ideate and look at a thing with a perspective as that. 

Zindagi kis Kadar asaan hoti, Rishte agar hote libaz, aur badal lete kamizon ki tarah!” 

In awe? Even I am. You get lost into the loftiness of the thought. And you are amazed at the vision he lends you.

So you can browse through the magnificence of his art all the time. Dotting them all at a go is not possible, so given above were some of his most intoxicatingly-beautiful creations. His creations can be found compiled and translated in a book called ‘Selected poems of Gulzar’, by Pavan K VarmaWhy not have a cup of coffee with our soldier-mate poetry. Also let’s learn about beauty from the eyes of a living legend as Gulzar. Embrace it, please.
Just one last smidgen of magic before I leave! Saying this, I leave you thinking…

Aao saare pehen le aena,
Saare dekhenge apna hi chehra,
Sabko saare hasin lagenge yahan”
‘Triveni’ ~Gulzar

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