Five nearby places for road trip


You know you’ve got it all right when you have the best road trips with your best buddies once in a month or two.

Here are the three best road trips that wouldn’t take much longer to travel:


Go till tunnel number 10 or 16, get some pictures clicked and you’ve had a good hangout anyway. Go a little ahead pick up food from McDonald’s and have a picnic at Jabli, near a handpump there’s a trail leading to place with a rail track and tunnels, have food and drinks, its safe and beautiful. Or you can also take your way all to dagshai, where you can experience the old inda, the old himachal, when the British lived here. The old cemeteries and churches.



You want natural beauty? Hilly area? Chilled breeze? Morni’s your area of interest, trust me. You get to see beautiful landscapes, peacocks on trees, and different species of bird. Natural beauty’s in front of you. Get pictures or do the nature photography. Your wish! You want a night stay, tikkar taal welcomes you with all its hearts and the beauty it personifies.


  • NH21

You want plains? You’ve got it. Go till nangal dam, via nurpur, a beauty of hills and jungles, and the beauty of running crystal blue water is all you’ve got on your way. Have lunch at the dhabbas on your way or take a stay at haweli in ropar. Enjoy the serenity of nature and the quality of food.

NH 21

And if you’ve got plenty of time, like two days?

  • DELHI!

Place where you can go to have fun, to see the posh areas, to have night outs at safe places like CP. Or if you want a good time having gedhis with friends and bottles? You’ve got it all my friends. The streets are amazing. And as we all know, its happy place for girls. SHOPPING.  Best times to go to delhi is when there is a concert, nothing else can be better than this.



Its june or july and you’re already sick of the summer and you want a day or two off from it? You know shimla’s your jam. The cold weather and friends, I think nothing else can be better than that.  The mall road has got it all for you, the street food, hot chocolate or evening tea with snacks. Hotels with beautiful views from the windows. And of course drinks go well in the cold.



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