Five must watch English TV shows.


When I say TV shows I don’t mean any show that strikes up your memory when your mother used to watch “Khani ghar ghar ki” or “kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”. If that did come to your mind then you need to stop reading this right now and take a cold water bath then go to bed because we here are discussing the English shows and such English shows that have a certain uniqueness in them.

We are talking of shows that make you feel a part of it. Certain series that have amplified the sense of humour for a generation and shows that people eagerly wait to watch. If the shows that I am going to name here, have been on your done list then you’re the cool kid on the block and if it isn’t then put them on your to do list ASAP.

  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (HIMYM) = The sit com that narrates the story of one Ted Mosby in his own words to his future children, is the one of the best comedy show you’ll ever witness. The 9 season long series is a story of how ted finds the love of his life. Ted is the main character but Barney Stinson is the fan’s favourite for his “awesome” character. The other roles played are of Robin and a happily married couple of Lilly and Marshall. All the 5 friends live in New York City and experience love in a comical way.


  • CASTLE = The story of how a hot detective and a smart mystery novel writer cross paths and start solving murder mysteries together is a very entertaining show. Detective Beckett of the NYPD is the lady detective who arrests Richard Castle the famous writer in a murder case but the child like attitude of castle, creates an interest in the case. The story goes on when Castle gets the mayor to allow him to work with the NYPD as a consultant. The love between the characters develops in the later seasons but the mixture of love and comedy with a spoon mystery is good for any viewer.


  • THE BLACKLIST= Again a mystery series where a most wanted criminal surrenders to the FBI and asks to speak only to one Elizabeth Keen who has her first day at office on that very day. “Lizzy” has some connection with Raymond (the surrendered criminal) which you would love to know once you watch the series but I won’t disclose that now. However Raymond gives the FBI a list he like to call the blacklist which contains the names of criminals that the FBI doesn’t even know exist. The show is a real thriller to watch and gets interesting day after day.

black list

  • GAME OF THRONES= One of the most loved series, GOT is a very thrilling story based on a novel which has captivated a lot many by its great story line. The story goes as the name suggests after one Iron Throne which belongs to the ruler of the seven kingdoms. The story goes on as everyone somehow tries to get themselves on the iron throne and consider themselves as the worthy successor of it. I shall not disclose any further or the old gods and the new will be ferocious (you’ll get the pun when you watch the show).

unnamed (1)

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S= Definitely a Manhattan and the problems in the field of love, career and friendship. The show is so famous that the hairstyle of Rachel (a character) has been followed worldwide and has been called “The Rachel”. Various other puns from the series are still used by those who have watched it and the brand value of the show still prevails. This show was so influential that it is responsible for the creation of series like How I met your mother.


So this is our list of the 5 most entertaining shows that were ever produced or are being produced. Grab your popcorn and download the seasons of these very entertaining shows. This is no less than a treat.

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