Five Must-Read Series Of All Times


If you are an avid reader, there would be a few of books, of which you have scanned the pages number of times. And if you are losing on that favourite book parameter, here is a list of 5 must read series of all times. So, let’s get started without further ado!

1. The Harry Potter Series:

harry potter

This magical series by J.K. Rowling is the top most on the list for a reason. All of the seven books in this series take you on a journey like never before. Once you read this, you will never forget Harry, Hogwarts and or any other character for that matter. You will realise how sad it feels to be muggle. Gringotts: the Wizard Bank, the Leaky Cauldron, and Platform 9 and three quarters stays interwoven into the story of an orphan-wizard boy, who brings back the brighter days in the wizarding world!

2. The Hunger Games:

hunger games

Outdone only by the ‘Harry Potter Series’, ‘The Hunger Games Trilogy’ has been the second best-selling book series. About four movies have also been made, based on the books; with the last book split into two parts in the movie edition. The story is set in the Hunger Games universe, which is a dystopia set in Panem, a country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and 12 districts in varying states of poverty. Every year, children from the districts are selected to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called ‘The Hunger Games’.

3. A Song of Fire and Ice Series:

song of fire and ice

This is the iconic book series which gave birth to the most watched television shows of all time, that is, ‘The Game of Thrones’. Revolving around the story of nine great houses in the imaginary kingdom of Westeros, this series has it all. From White Walkers to Dragons and filthy rich houses vying for the iron throne, it takes inspiration from wars in the history of Europe. I don’t need to say more about why the series went out of stock on the book shelves.

4. The Fifty Shades Trilogy:

fifty shades

Written by E.L. James, this book revolves around the story of the irresistible, Christian Grey and beautiful, Anastasia Steele. Inter-mixing the theme of sadism and romance, this erotic series, floors you with the complexity and beauty of its characters. Divided into three books, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and ‘Fifty Shades Freed’, this story revolves around the life of an industrial magnet and the super rich Alpha male, Christian Grey, and about how love heals.

5. The Divergent Trilogy


If you haven’t heard of it already, let me remind you of the famous Divergent movies! Yes those have been adapted from this Trilogy. The society of the trilogy defines its citizens by their social and personality-related affiliation with give different fractions, which removes the threat of anyone exercising independent will and threatening the population’s safety. Beatrice Prior, who later changes her name to Tris, an Abnegation-born and Dauntless transfer, must figure out her life as a Divergent, while concealing her true nature, and living with the danger of being killed if it is discovered by the Erudite and Dauntless leaders. This one is thus a must read for all the young adult science fiction fans.


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