Five Indian artists you need to listen to right now


If you have run out of new year resolutions, here’s a simple one which is a‘whole lotta fun’ – listen to good, soulful music.Also because ‘New Year, New Me’ is a little too mainstream, hence,’ New Year, New Playlist for all the music lovers out there and the ones about to fall in love with music after exploring these artists.

Here’s a list of five insanely amazing Indian artists you need to listen to now!

Parvaaz: This Bengaluru based blues/psychedelic rock band played at the NH7 Weekender last year and completely nailed it with their beautiful blend of Kashmiri and Urdu poetry with, of course, the soulful music. Their music is nostalgic in every sense and definitely takes one on a ‘trip’ back‘home’.  They have been deemed as the Pink Floyd of the Indian music scene. Need I say more? Go embark on the trip, please thy ears and soul right NOW!



Until We Last: Another exceptionally talented group of musicians from Bengaluru is Until We Last- ambient/post-rock band which started off as a one-man bedroom project back in 2011. The band composes only instrumental pieces, featuring bass lines and heavy effects, entirely influenced by nature and the world in general. Don’t believe us? Their debut album- Earthgazing had six tracks named- Water, Trials, To space and back, Creation, Earthgazing and Parallel Dimension. Thoughtful, ain’t it? The sound of ‘Until We Last’ is healing, unique, thoughtful and an absolute delight to the mind; which, by the way, is suggested to be heard either during dusk or dawn.


Avial: Based in Kerala, this alternative rock band has been rocking for more than a decade now. Avial is known for its Malayalam lyrics and has been breaking the language barrier with a huge fan base in north India, which includes me. The band has pioneered what we call ‘Alternative Malayali Rock’ and keeps the Desi vibe alive, which is why one can spot John (frontman) performing on-stage dressed in a lungi. As a recommendation, do not forget listening to ‘Ayyo’. It is groovy, funky with a touch of folk rock and a whole lotta Desi vibe!



Donn Bhat: The man is a music composer, producer, song writer and a guitar player based out of Mumbai. Above all to me, he seems like a long lost childhood friend ever since the day I heard ‘Stars Align’ which he, along with a friend of his, came up with in just LESS THAN TEN MINUTES! Bhat has been building the reputation of the only indie artist in India that blends psychedelic, DnB, fusion, folk, rock and electronica in live acts! Next time he’s going live nearby, do catch him live until then enjoy his music in every possible way you can.

Donn Bhat


Madboy/Mink: Are you tired of Honey, Badshah and all the other ear-bleeding at parties? Do not worry; Madboy Mink is the end of all your sufferings. The Mumbai duo has been creating quite a buzz with their eclectic music- mashing up dirty electro and funk incorporating live guitars, synthesisers and vocals. In simple terms, just the right kind of music you need to shake a leg. Get rid of all the ear-bleeding. Believe me; one cannot help but groove when Madboy and Mink are in the house!


I’ve obviously missed out on a lot of amazing musicians out there. Let us know more about them in the comments.

Happy New Year folks! Keep listening to good music!

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