Five Hints that Your Dog Owns your House


A dog is the best companion one can ever have. The four-legged animal, with the puppy eyes and soft fur-like skin, is most beautiful creature present on Earth. If you’re a dog owner you can totally relate to the below stated:

  • Pets wake you up like clockwork:

Sleeping at night isn’t really easy when your dog is sitting on your chest, waiting for you to wake up. Even your dog can’t resist from jumping into your bed to play or give you love bites. When your pets are sleeping, you’ll tiptoe through the house to avoid waking them from perfect slumber. However, your dog will have no problem nudging your side or climbing across your face exactly every 2 hours during the night.

  • Four-legged friends come first, always:

You bring out your laptop thinking you’ll get some work done today — if your dog has anything to say about it, you’ll soon be watching Netflix and giving him a handful of biscuits in your lap. Before you had pets, you probably laughed at people who made sure they had the best pet sitter money can buy or rushed home from dinner to make sure their pet wasn’t lonely. Now, you wouldn’t have any other way. Your pet runs your house — and you’re equally thrilled. 

  • First your dog eats, then you eat:

Believe me, on this part, you wake up in the morning and, before you do anything, you serve your dog his breakfast. You’ll always be the last one to eat just to make sure they get everything before. Then at dinner time, you dish theirs, and then yours.

  • You become a pillow:

After all the joyful plays and bites, they sleep right on top of you and you refuse to move a muscle because you don’t want to interrupt their little puppy dreams. Aw, they look so adorable that your inner will doesn’t allow you to wake those little monster up.

  • You sleep on their schedule:

If your dog wants to sleep on, he will. You cannot drag him out even if you try to. No matter if you sleep at 1 AM or 2 AM they will wake you up for the morning walks at 6 AM and even on Sunday’s. Believe me, you cannot help but surely wake up.

Last but not the least don’t forget those little cute puppy eyes; they make to get everything they want. (Alright, got to go because my dog is doing the same to me right now.)

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Raahat Sarpal (SD College 32; Campus Editor, PU Mirror)

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